Thus saith the lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation unto thee at this time as concerning the final Brexit deal and the amendment voted on by the house of Lords giving the House of Commons the final say on the deal struck by the UK Government with the EU whether it is acceptable or to be reject especially in the situation of a no deal scenario that the Government in office at the time should not take the UK out of the EU and should continue negotiations until a viable deal can be worked out between the EU and the UK. This would be all very well if there were not only two deals on the table in as far as the EU is concerned. One is that the present backstop to be put into place if no answer can be found to the Irish border problem the backstop being that the UK will stay within the customs Union of the EU and agree to the main rules and regulations of the single market meaning the free movement of goods and people until a viable solution to the Irish Border problem can be found which effectively means if no solution is found until twenty, twenty one the UK has to stay within the EU and abide by all of its rules and regulations including the EU courts of Justice. Which to put it simply Brexit cannot happen until a solution is found to the Irish Border problem. Therefore if an agreed solution cannot be found there will be no need of a free trade deal with the EU until a solution to the Irish border problem is found and if the present trend continues no solution acceptable to both sides will be ever be found especially if the EU considers the backstop the only viable solution to the Irish border problem and a way of keeping the UK from ever leaving the EU. But an answer has to be given to the question if a solution to the Irish Border problem in the EU’s eyes is the backstop agreed on by the UK to be put in place if a solution cannot be found and the backstop is the only viable solution to the Irish border problem and the UK rejects it out of hand and the EU then states then that there can be no free trade or any other deal on the table and an hard Brexit follows what then will happen to the Irish Border will it then become again a hard border or will the EU try to shift its border to the Irish sea and also beyond the Rock of Gibraltar what then will happen to Northern Ireland and the Rock of Gibraltar. Will then the EU seek to do what Argentinean Government tried to do with the Falkland Isle will it in both cases be an attempted at land grab by the Irish Government the EU and the Spanish Government after all they have claimed Northern Ireland belongs to Ireland not the UK and that Gibraltar really belongs not to the UK but to Spain and that the South of Ireland has sought to reunite Ireland over the years since Southern Ireland gained independence from the UK and Spain has always laid claim to Gibraltar. Then the question must be how will the UK react and should now the UK consider making sure if the EU Spain and Ireland even tried this on what the UK’s reaction would be to stop it happening.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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