Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation unto thee the only true Living God and redeemer of all of the holy people throughout the Earth past present and future unto thee at this time as concerning Brexit that the Negotiations are going to end but one way and that is not the way either side in these negotiations want it to end for the EU from the very beginning has tried to stop in any way it could the UK leaving the EU but until now has been frustrated at every turn until the matter of the Irish open border problem arose and the search for a solution began of which the answer to was placed firmly in the lap of the UK to find a viable solution various solutions were offered up but all were rejected out of hand as unworkable or would cost too much and cause to many problems if put in place. But in reality it was not only the UK that was and is responsible for finding a solution but the Irish and EU’s responsibility also but it seemed as though on the surface that the Irish and EU governments saw it was the UK’s in as far as keeping peace in Northern Ireland through the good Friday agreement which would have ended if a hard Irish border had been resurrected but in reality it was the responsibility of all concerned to find a solution so that the good Friday agreement could be kept in place so until a solution could be found an agreement was made between the EU and UK for a backstop plan to be put in place by the UK if by the time the UK was due to Leave the EU a solution had not been found. The Backstop plan was for the UK essentially to stay within the EU customs union and single market and abide by their rules and regulations and of the EU courts of Justice Jurisdiction until a solution was found of which until the government changed the agreement by setting a time limit on the agreed backstop plan for fear that a solution would never be found and effectively trapping the UK in the EU. But the question as said afore was would a solution ever be found by the UK or the EU and the answer to that is there is no solution except the backstop plan or to put it bluntly the UK never leaving the EU and reversing Brexit of which as soon as the UK put on the Backstop plan a time limit ended that possibility the EU then rejected the new backstop plan why because it saw the plan as a way of solving the Irish Border problem and attaining its goal of keeping the UK in the EU and giving the UK a free trade deal and a time limit ends all of that. But one question remains is the backstop plans time limit a cut-off point for the plan or is the time limit extendable and if so why for if by twenty twenty twenty one a solution is never found none ever will be and the UK remains in the EU meaning it has and never will leave. The backstop plan was this British government’s greatest blunder and should never have been agreed on. Thus saith the Lord God as I know the end from the beginning of the whole of creation every single Iota so also I know the outcome of Brexit as thou calls it and in the end there will only be one out come and that will involve a no progressive open free trade deal with the EU as the destiny of the UK is set so also is that of the EU and as I have revealed concerning the EU’s future so shall it be and so shall it come to pass.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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