Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee at this time that afore time I sent unto My servant a vision that I have commanded him at this time to set before thee as concerning the whole of creation before it existed even as it shall come to pass in the creation of the New Heavens and the New Earth for as it was in the beginning of the old so shall it be in the creation of the New. Thus it is that I set him in the vision in a void of thick darkness that was without height and depth length and breadth and said unto him fear not but set down what thou witnesses at this time. As the Lord God said I found myself in this vision in the midst of a thick darkness that seemed without limit and without substance but indeed the Lord God surrounded me around about with His presence to assure me that no harm would come upon me. Then I heard His voice say even as it said in His Word let there be light but there can be no comparison to what is revealed in His Word and what I saw for behind and before beneath and above it was like unto being in the midst of the birth of a thousand, thousand times thousand suns but no suns existed only the intense spreading light that spread throughout the limitless expanse I began in this instance to see and experience and that light seemed to spread forever over the darkness so that the darkness no longer was over the void and I understood that the void was what mankind now calls the vastness of space even the whole of the universe but in it nothing whatsoever existed. Then I heard His voice command the Earth to exist an in that instant the Earth came it existence but it was a shapeless mass and I saw He who is called by mankind Roach Hakodesh or the Holy Spirit moving over all the Earth which was a watery mass giving it form and shaping it. Then I heard God say let there be a light in the heavens to light the earth and a lesser light to light the darkness and let the light be called day and the darkness called He night and the light He created to rule the day He called the Sun and the lesser light to rule the night He called it the Moon and thus started the beginning of night and day upon the face of the Earth and He said let there be stars to fill the night sky or heavens thus then I realised that what He had shown Me was the beginning of creation in this vision of which no amount of Words could have ever revealed what I had just experienced and been witness to the Words written down in His written Word can never show me what I saw and experienced in the vision that was given to me that I wish all of mankind could see for if mankind could have seen what I saw then all of mankind would without doubt believe in the existence of God. But much more in that vision I saw even the creation of the Earths Land masses and the division of the waters of the seas from the waters of the heavens mankind calls sky the beginnings of life and the creation of mankind from the clay of the Earth every plant tree, herb and grass and every creature I saw coming into being but He spared me from seeing that dreadful day of the fall that was the start of time for before time only eternity existed and of corruption, death and decay upon face of the Earth thus I say reading and seeing it is like hearing about Love and experiencing it. Thus saith I saith the Holy One of Israel this vision is given to My servant to set before mankind what is also to come to pass when the heavens and the Earth are made anew when the Universe and the Earth is as My Word reveals rolled up like a scroll and destroyed and I create the New Heavens which ye call Universe and New Earth and the Earth becomes the Eden it was intended to be before mankind fell and in the midst thereof shall be the tree of Life everlasting.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord.

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