Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation unto thee at this time as concerning the privatization of public assets by the Government has failed in the extreme because the private sector that has taken over theses assets are mainly only interested in one thing profit and loss not as was the case in the past when the NHS set up was set up and run by the Government and that health and welfare of the public was the main reason it was was setup in the first place and in Government Hands was envied the World over. The same with the privatization of the Rail ways in Government Hands it was not the most profitable but was one of the best run rail and public transport systems in the World as was proven in the second World war and thereafter and as now the NHS and the Rail franchises are proving that privatization is not only not meeting the transport needs public but the health, welfare and care needs of modern day society but is destroying both the NHS and the Railway and public transport system in Britain as revealed by the present difficulties faced by the private sector companies that took over the rail franchises and the shortfall in NHS funding caused by the miss management of the NHS trusts and the public sector franchise that are and have been run on a profit and loss basis only and not for the benefit of the public and though the Government is using the public purse to pour in extra funding still both are still failing mainly because the private sector businesses are running them on a profit and loss basis and that the concerns and welfare and health of the public are of secondary importance to them if at all the same with education and the postal services. When they were Nationalised they were run for the benefit health welfare and education of the public but no longer as also it is with Housing whilst it was in the Governments hands though in some instances there was maintenance concerns but in the main public housing provided for the whole of the public that needed affordable housing as is still the case the majority of the working class that are on average or below average cannot afford to buy their own home because their basic needs of day to day living are more important than an expensive mortgage than many cannot afford and if they can cannot afford the deposit needed to secure a mortgage and many don’t want as mortgage not because they cannot afford one but because of the building maintenance and insurance costs and are basically satisfied with renting a property from the Local government when housing was run by the Government bother Local and central homelessness was then at its lowest level but not so now and less and less houses by the government are being built for rental purposes more and more people are facing eviction and homelessness the main reason for many evictions is high private or association housing rents and many on social welfare benefits which if the rents are above a certain level the extra has to be met by the person renting the property at one time this Government prided itself in the way it met the needs of the public that elected it to office but no longer it seems as though this Government though elected by the people is run by the private sector and one thing that reveals it is the way the Government is handling Brexit which is more private business sector orientated than public sector orientation along with the Banking sector bail outs at the tax payers expense. Thus one sentence can sum up privatization which is that the privatization of public sector assets is the sign of a corrupt Government which saith the Holy One of Israel shall by My right hand a corrupt government shall have all of its corruption brought out into the light and once all of its corrupt practices have been revealed shall fall and great shall be the fall thereof.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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