Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation that there is but one Name whereby mankind can be saved from My wrath to come upon the whole of mankind and there is no other under the Sun and that Name is IMMANUEL the true and only saviour redeemer and eternal Passover Lamb He who alone gave His life for all of the children of the Living God past present and future and who alone rose from amongst the dead victorious over death and the grave for His people forever. Soon very soon the Sun is to set upon this creation and the Dawn of the New shall see the Sun of righteousness arising upon it with healing in His wings behold the old shall pass away and all things shall be created anew wherein righteousness reigns over the whole of creation forever and ever where death and the grave exist not wherein the lion shall lie down with the lamb and both shall eat together where children shall play without fear and My peace beyond all understanding shall reign in the hearts of mankind those who are the inheritors of the New creation the true and only children of the Living God saved through the blood of the Lamb taken into the heaven of heavens before the destruction of the old and return when the new creation hath been complete and My city the Heavenly Jerusalem descended from Heaven to the place where once it stood and where in shall dwell My Name in the House to My Name forever and ever. But the Earth shall no longer be called the Earth but the New Eden wherein My garden shall once more exist in in the midst thereof and as afore shall be the tree of life and from it shall flow the river that contains the water of Life and No longer shall the angel with the flaming sword bar the way to the tree of life for in the New Heavens and the New Earth to be called Eden shall no evil or wickedness or death or destruction exist and My sheep saith the Holy one of Israel even the sheep of My pasture shall go in and go out of their fold without fear for all fear shall be banished as shall all sorrow conflict war sickness pestilence disease famine drought and all of the disaster coming upon the Earth before the end of the Old creation for the whole of the New creation shall be overshadow by My presences. For it shall be all manner of wickedness and evil shall cease to exist and all of the wicked rebellious of mankind and of those who fell from the heights of the Heaven of Heavens to the Earth beneath and all the breakers of My Holy Law and all who believe not in the true and only Messiah IMMANUEL shall be cast into that place which hath been prepared for them even the depths of sheol and the bottomless pit thou of mankind call hell which doth in no way describe that place and all shall be imprisoned in that place forever for betwixt that place and the Heaven of Heavens and the New Earth to be call Eden is a great gulf fixed.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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