Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith Lord God even unto thee at this time as concerning the refugee and immigration problem now facing Western Nations and in fact the whole of this civilization of which unless to a greater or lesser degree is dealt with as it should have been dealt with before it became a global problem will be one cause of this civilizations demise. So one basic question has to be asked what is the basic root cause of the present refugee and immigration problem and the answer from mankind will be that the cause is poverty and poor standards of living in the countries from which the immigrants have come from, the poverty of which in the main has been caused by corrupt and evil governments gaining power and robbing the people of that which is rightfully theirs leaving them in poverty and the politicians of their Governments living in luxury having palatial mansions luxury yachts top of the range vehicles and bulging Bank balances and if the people rebel they are violently suppressed and their rebellion quashed forcing them to either accept their situation as is or leave their Native country seek a better life elsewhere at any cost so in effect the immigrants in reality are not immigrants but refugees fleeing poverty and cruelty at the hands of their corrupt evil thieving Governments thus then in effect there are no immigrants illegal or otherwise only refugees. There is no difference from those fleeing persecution and those fleeing poverty that takes them to the brink of starvation. What country has refugees and immigrants fleeing their Native land where no poverty exists? Let Me put it this way poverty caused by an evil and corrupt Government that does not put is peoples welfare first in the end leads to open rebellion and open rebellion leads to war or the suppression of a people by a wicked and cruel Government using its military and security forces to do so. So here we see the cause of the Iraq the Syrian the Egyptian the Libyan and other conflicts the World over. Again a corrupt and evil government that through corruption robs it people of that which is rightfully theirs and keeps them under by force and in poverty will soon or later foment rebellion and rebellion leads to open conflict and war and war leads to the civilian population becoming refugees and immigrants. If there was no corrupt Governments in power and no poverty in poverty stricken Nations then there would be no reason for rebellion and no reason to search for a better life elsewhere and therefore no refugees so what is the Cause of the immigration and refugee problem it is twofold one Corrupt governments keeping their people poverty stricken and suppressing by force any and all rebellion and two the attraction of the rich and wealthy Nations that could provide them with a better standard of living. So what is the answer that which has been before all the Democratic Nations of the Earth all along deal with the immigration problem at source and eradicate the cause by the means at the disposal of the Nations of the Earth. First known corrupt governments by diplomatic Negotiations with threats of sanctions if a corrupt government didn’t change its ways and if it didn’t’ impose extreme sanctions making sure that the population didn’t suffer the effects of those sanctions and then if a corrupt Government still refuses then the only option would be to depose that government and replace it with one from amongst the people by force if necessary making sure that in no way any external Nation will establish its own Governmental takeover of the Nation. The main reason that the refugee and immigration problem now facing Western and other wealthy Nations of the Earth is now out of control is the refusal of the Democratic Nations of the Earth to deal with the problem in the first place at source.


This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee


From the prophet of the Lord

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