Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the holy one of Israel even the only true eternal redeemer unto thee at this as concerning the Nations of the Earth especially America and Europe who aim to strengthen their borders to deal with their immigration problem and the influx of migrants and refugees fleeing poverty persecution ethnic cleansing and tyrannical corrupt Governments who slaughter them if they rebel and who seek to rob their people of a descent standard of living so that they can live in the lap of luxury committing all manner of crimes forcing them in many cases to grow drug crops to export to the Western Nations and prostituting their women and girls also profiting from trafficking their own people and children and profiting from harbouring criminal traficking gangs who promise those fleeing poverty corruption and persecution to provide them with means to transport them to Wealthy Western nations for a price who after piling them into un-sea worthy vessels and rafts after making sure they are on their way desert them leaving them to the mercy of the elements and the seas unpredictability knowing full well that Western Patrol vessels will rescue them and transport them to western shores also knowing that their country of origin in most cases will refuse to repatriate them. Thus say I as other Nations have found out that the strengthening of borders will not stop the influx of refugees and Immigrants only a fortress built barrier or wall as that built by Israel will stop a proportion of immigrants but it would not stop them all, Israel’s wall was not built to basically stop the Palestinians from entering and Leaving Israel but to confine the Palestinian terrorist groups and organizations in a manageable area to prevent terrorist attacks against Israeli towns Cities and Villages. If the terrorist groups and organization could be permanently disbanded or neutralised then the border wall in Israel would no longer be necessary the Palestinian problem could be solved if the Terrorist groups and originations didn’t exist as the majority of Palestinians want peace with Israel but the Palestinian terrorist organizations and groups that control Gaza have but one agenda and that is the eviction or destruction of Israel from what they consider as their Land which in fact Israel has possessed it far longer than they ever did and until the dispersion of Israel began after the Roman Empire made desolate the site and the House to My Name. In fact the Palestinians have only occupied the Land they claim to be theirs but for a few hundred years and it were and is and ever shall be My Land of Promise given unto My People Israel. But as said strengthening borders alone will not solve the immigration problem even the wall the American Leader wants to build will prove a waste of time resources and wealth as the only wall that would halt the immigrants and the criminal gangs and drug dealers is a wall far higher than that built by Israel and all around the coast of America and around the EU and even then would not completely solve it. The only solution to the immigration and the refugee problem is as I said afore is to solve it by sorting it out at source and that means sorting out the Governments of those Nations they have fled from because of the conditions caused by the Governments and rulers of those Nations. But to the Governments of those Nations I say that in thy land shall never be peace until thou puts the peoples care health and welfare first and then thou wilt find that because they are well cared for in every respect and are at peace and are content with their lot in life they will work hard in making thy Nation far more prosperous both the Nation as a whole and the Government far wealthier than when they were by their Government ruled by fear and kept in poverty robed of their rights as human beings to be provided by their Government with a reasonable standard of living which is the responsibility that I saith the Lord God have placed on every National Government on Earth to fulfil upon pain of death and destruction.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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