Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation in as far as Brexit is concerned let Me at the outset set down the path Brexit will of a certainty follow and it is not the EU’s path Nor the UK’s path but My Path My Way and that for the good of the whole of the UK and the Membership of the EU. To long have these negotiations been going round in circles first one side gaining the advantage with a possibility of an agreement on a progressive free trade deal on the table only to have their hopes dashed to the ground by the quoting of the terms and conditions of membership to the single market and the customs union that unless these were agreed to no free trade deal could be agreed on between the UK and the EU not that the UK was not willing to compromise but the EU was unwilling to compromise in any way shape or form in as far as this was concerned. But this indeed revealed the true aims and ambitions at the outset of the EU that at any cost on its part would it in no way compromise with the UK upon the central principles of the EU in other words it would make every effort both in as far as trade and finance were concerned and also politically to make it as hard as possible for the UK to leave the EU. It has used every trick in the book to stop the UK leaving EU though at every stage within reason the UK has been willing to compromise and make concessions to the EU and has as thou doth put it literal bent over backward to accommodate the EU in all that it has required of the UK the latest being over the Irish and Spanish borders though the Spanish border is not mentioned this will be require by the EU for Britain to agree on but what has caused the EU to reject the Backstop agreement to be implemented by the UK failing a solution to the Irish Border question is the time limit placed on the backstop agreement revealing what even a blind man could see what the true intentions of the EU are and have been from the very start this being the latest ploy the first was the rules and regulations of the single market and the customs union that brought into question a viable free trade agreement and then a spate of scaremongering from various EU friendly financial institutions and then the use of various politicians in favour of keeping the UK in the EU to persuade the British public to change their minds over Brexit then there of late was the Irish Border question and now politically motivated blackmailing of the UK by various EU billion euro firms threatening if the UK could not make a deal with the EU whereby the UK retained membership of the single market or and the customs union those firms would have to remove their UK based operations from the UK but the question must be asked at what cost to these firms in moving those vital British Based operations and the relocation in time money and loss of revenue yes it would deeply affect that part of British industry but also it would seriously undermine those billion euro firms operation until the relocation was completed. Therefore as said Brexit will no longer follow the path the UK wants it to go down nor will it go the way the EU wants it to go it will go down the path I have ordained it to go saith the Lord God of the Hosts of Heaven and the Heaven of Heavens and reach the destination I have set for it. If neither the EU nor the UK is willing to compromise I saith the Lord in the end shall make then do so when Brexit reaches its final destination.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord.

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