Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel at this time, even the true and only Living God and redeemer of mankind. All of mankind through the fall did die spiritual in that they were cut off from Me; saith the Lord God who am the source of all life both spiritual and physical; spiritually thus in effect they died spiritually being cut off from the source of all life. What therefore doth death spiritual mean? The best way to understand it is to consider the life of Adam and Eve after their creation. They were created perfect in Mine own image in My Image did I create them spiritually and physically perfect in every way being able to live forever in My Garden of Eden tending to that garden and enjoying the fruits thereof without having those fears worries and troubles that now plague the whole of mankind. But one thing yet they needed and that was to be given the freedom of will the freedom to chose My Will or their own will to obey Me in all things willingly or to go their own way doing what they wanted to do and for this reason was the command given to Adam and Eve as a test for if they obeyed Me and had not eaten of the fruit of the tree of good and evil they would not have fallen and they and their offspring would have been perfect and have had eternal life in other Words if they had obeyed Me willingly they and all of mankind in them would have lived forever in perfect happiness in My Presence forever. But they did not, their choice was to disobey My command which in effect meant their choice was their own will not Mine which in the first place they had to be cast out of My Kingdom and garden for as My Word says if they are not for Me they are against Me and if against Me they must be cast out not only of My Kingdom but My presence and be cut off from Me. Therefore after they were cast out the sentence pronounced had to be executed in that I said of all the fruits of all the trees in that garden you may eat but of the tree of the knowledge thou art forbidden to eat thereof for in the day thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die and I saith the Lord executed that sentence upon them and thus through them upon all of their offspring. But thou will say why did mankind in Adam and Eve continue to live physically in the first place they were perfect physically when they were cast out and the sentence of death had not yet taken hold of their physical bodies so that they would in effect live for a considerable amount of time in as far as they were concerned but their offspring would gradually live shorter and shorter lives as the corruption of death took hold of which could not be halted by any means whatsoever. But also the question by mankind will be asked most surely I could have ended their lives both spiritual there and then of which I need not answer but for mankind to understand the true meaning of what it is to be redeemed and for the believes of mankind to regain eternal or everlasting life I will answer and it is for that reason for creation in the first place was to create a people after Mine own heart and being so that I could be a father unto them and they children unto Me a people that would eventual fill the whole of creation a perfect and an eternal people holy righteous and perfect in every way both physically and spiritual but also a people a Nation and a Kingdom of My People who would do My will willingly and not their own will that as My will was to care for them and overshadow them with My presence their will would be centred upon obedience to Me in all things perfectly. To put it in context if the citizens of a Kingdom or Nation rebel against the Government and the ruler of that Nation or Kingdom what are they then called rebels and what happens to rebels who obey not the Government or the Rulers or Monarchs or Laws of those Nations or Kingdoms are they not cast out or forced to flee and if they resist are they not destroyed or put to death. So also is it with My Kingdom of Heaven not any one can enter My Kingdom only those who believe in and have been resurrected from the dead through the Messiahs resurrection. Of which this comes to the main point if mankind did die spiritually and eventually physically does it not follow on that to regain everlasting Life and to be rejoined unto the source of all life spiritually and physically mankind would have to be resurrected from the dead but one thing stands in the way mankind has to atone for that first sin and if dead spiritually how can mankind do so unless another atones for mankind in their place in other words is punished for their first sin/crime in their place then comes the second part having paid the price even so of themselves they cannot resurrect themselves unto new everlasting life only the same one who paid the price for their first crimes and all committed thereafter must bring them back from the dead and there is only one who could do that God Himself who took upon Himself the form of flesh so that He could pay the price and die in mankind’s place and having paid the price conquer death and in Himself resurrect all of those who have believed He took their place in Judgment for their inherited original sin/crime and believe He will and has as He was resurrect from the dead they also would be resurrected to new life everlasting for the remainder of their lives on Earth and thereafter in the Kingdom of Heaven forever in My presence at My right Hand saith the Lord God and creator of all that is was and ever shall be especially the New Heavens and Earth to come

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

form the prophet of the Lord.

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