Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee at this time thus far have I revealed unto thee the actual cause of mankind’s death spiritual and physical and set before thee the only means whereby any of mankind can be resurrected from the death and attain eternal life in My presence forever but to continue on from there is to answer a question that many will ask what happens after resurrection from the dead spiritually and physically some may to a certain degree understand what does happen and some may arrogantly assume they know what happens and then there are those that accept that they have indeed in effect been re-born for that is exactly what resurrection means coming from death to life eternal. Thus when any one by faith accepts the death of the Messiah as their death spiritually in that as I require in My Word that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin thus all who sin without the shedding of their blood I cannot forgive them and the one sin that condemns the whole of mankind at the beginning of their lives on Earth is original sin the sin committed by Mankind in Adam and Eve in Eden as is set down in My Word the only provision made was that if someone was willing to take their place and suffer in their place for not only original sin but all their crimes in the breaking of all of My Holy Commandments and Laws but that someone had to born without the curse of original sin born in effect of Roach Hakodesh/the Holy Spirit not of mankind and must have lived a perfect spotless and blameless life in effect of Heaven and not Earth or mankind in his natural state and there is but one who was promised and who was willing to do that and that was the Messiah Immanuel which means God living amongst mankind thus it was I saith the true and only redeemer who came down to Earth in the form of the flesh to take mankind’s place in Judgement and to shed My Blood for Mankind so that all who believe in Me can be resurrected from the dead spiritually and eventually physically and to live forever at My right hand for not only did I pay the price of original sin and all the sins committed throughout the lives of those of mankind who believe in Me through faith saith the true and only Eternal Passover Lamb of God but also conquered death on their behalf so that all who do believe by Faith that as I was resurrected so are they in My resurrection they are resurrected to eternal life immediately and this is the revelation of what happens thereafter saith the Holy One of Israel the true and only living God and the true and only redeemer of all who believe through faith. After resurrection all who believe continue to the end of their lives on Earth in their present bodies and after death and Judgment ascend into Heaven where they shall receive a new body as promised that is like unto My Heavenly Body saith the only true redeemer and Messiah perfect in every way without limitations as was seen in Jerusalem when many of the holy ones who slept when the earth shook and the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom who rose from their graves grave and were seen by many in Jerusalem and afterwards ascended into the Heaven of Heavens and My Kingdom forever and also as seen when I appeared unto all of My Disciples after I was resurrected and before I ascended into the Heavens and My Heavenly Kingdom and to sit on My throne therein forever. The only limitation of all in the heaven of heavens and upon the new earth is that all follow that which is written in My Word which is in one prayer and that is to do My Will on Earth as it is in Heaven willingly for all who are not willing to do My will as it is done in Heaven are cast out into outer darkness and into the bottomless pit forever.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

From the prophet of the Lord

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