Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God and redeemer of mankind unto thee at this time as concerning the threats by certain corporations over Brexit and who is behind these threats and all that has to be done is to look at who do these corporations belong and their country of origin for instance BMW German Airbus French and Unipart all are mostly EU based and if there was a hard Brexit are most likely to suffer the consequences of a hard Brexit for one of the EU major export markets is the UK for these and other Corporations especially Germany. But are the concerns thus voiced those of the Corporations alone that are threatening the UK government if a hard Brexit happens no indeed not. If it was their objections to Britain leaving the EU would have been more vocal and voiced far sooner than they have yes indeed the British Corporate sector has sought clarification on what the exit strategy of the UK government is and clarification on the transition period and what the Government negotiating position is and what it expects the outcome of Brexit to be and how it will in the long term affect their businesses and what are the Governments plans are for the UK after it leaves the EU which are valid request and concerns. The main provocateur of these corporations is the EU government why? Because the failure of being able to keep the UK in the EU via the backstop plan which was rejected because the UK put a time limit on its duration thus now they are seeking to use the Business sector to blackmail Britain into agreeing to a virtual endless transition period of which if the UK does not agree to then these corporations will seek to move their operations from the UK without further investment and loss of British Jobs but why is the EU going to such extremes mainly because if the UK does leave the EU it is the EU that is going to suffer as said Britain; especially Germany; is one of its major export markets but also if the UK leaves without even a transition period in place the EU’s budget will suffer from a gaping black hole and it knows it. But to put it bluntly the fault is the EU governments in its unwillingness to compromise and come to a progressive beneficial deal to both sides in the first instance because it thought if it stuck to its original hard line position on Brexit that eventually Britain would back down and abandon Brexit in favour of staying within the EU that is why the EU has made it as difficult as it could in the negotiations for Brexit to continue because of the British willingness to compromise and avoid conflicts either military or trade wise it saw Britain as a soft weak Nation that would back down at the first signs of trouble or difficulty but the EU didn’t remember the British were a stubborn and resilient people who would as the second World war proved would never give into any threats made by any Nation and neither will this British government give into the treats of foreign business corporations if it at heart the British spirit that has brought Britain through many a conflict and resisted any and all who have threatened this Nation and its people.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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