Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Hosts of the heavens and the Heaven of Heavens even the Kingdom Of God unto thee that there are two major problems amongst others that will cause the end of this civilization unless dealt with one is the global trade war and the other is the global immigration problem the first of which is the global trade war that whether or not the EU and China admit it or not they are to blame for the present escalating trade war the Chinese by flooding the global trade markets with cheap tariff free goods both to the UK and America as well as the EU and other Nations and the EU by the imposition of excessive tariffs on imported products from none member Nations of which the UK is seeking a way to negotiate its way around in the Brexit negotiations without any success what the EU has to be concerned about is once the UK leaves and the EU imposes tariffs on UK products exported to the EU that the UK can retaliate by the imposition of tariffs on goods imported from the EU unless a deal is struck with the EU which would mean that as the UK is one of its main export markets the EU would suffer far more than ever the UK would. The EU tariffs have been a major stumbling block of the negotiations and global trade of which America could have taken punitive action far sooner than it has. Especial when the former American Presidents sought to negotiate a beneficial deal with the EU. That failed because of the excessive EU tariffs on American imported goods which it refuse to negotiation a free tariff deal or even to a tariff reduction. The best deal that the UK can negotiate for is a traiff free trade deal and if the EU is unwilling to compromise on a tariff free trade deal when the UK leaves the EU it imposes on the EU’s imported goods tariffs equal to those of the EU. Thus say I also to thee at this time, to blame the migrants for the present immigration problem facing Western Nations is to blame the effect and not the cause which is twofold one the Nations from which the immigrants are coming from and in many in cases fleeing from and the second cause is the rich Nations of the west which to the people of poverty stricken Nations is the answer to all their prayers and problems if they can but reach what is to them their promised land which are the Nations of the UK, the EU and America these being the main destinations of migrants and refugees which is facilitated by the people traffickers. The main cause though is the Nations from which they are migrating which in many cases have blamed the problems facing their Nations on their ethnic minorities and the young the old the sick the poor the disabled they see as an unbearable burden that their Nation can no longer bear and as they see it have to cast off this unbearable burden so that prosperity can return to their Nation. But the root cause of the poverty of those Nations is not their poverty stricken population or the sick disable young or elderly or ethnic minorities but their own corrupt and crime ridden Government the problem they will face after getting rid of their ethnic minorities and the excess of their poverty stricken population is that the real cause of their Nations problems will become more and more self evident and in the end will reveal the true nature of those Governments and their leaders. The supreme recent example being Hitler who blamed his Nations problem on the Jews and the other ethnic minorities on the poor the sick and those who didn’t conform to the true Arian human being who saw the solution to his Nations problems as incarceration using those he could as slaves and eradicating others altogether in the gas chambers thankfully as yet those Nations who see their Nations problems as being caused by their ethnic minorities and their excessive poor population are only seeking to be rid of them though eviction or enticing them to seek a better life elsewhere but there is evidence that certain Nations are promising to help their excess poor population to get to a better life elsewhere by showing them videos and pictures of life in Western Nations and then dumping them in the desert to perish. Therefore the answer to the immigrant problem is to deal with it at source as said afore these immigrants would never have left their own Nations if they had had a Government who were not corrupt and cared for their people and provided reasonable living standards as is proven in other countries where their populations standard of living is above the poverty line but not excessively so. But the problem facing the western Nations unless they are force to take back deported immigrants the Nation they came from will in no way accept them back even when provided with documented evidence will seek to refuse entry of deported immigrants and refugees.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord God

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