Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee at this time as concerning the punishment of murderers rapists terrorists Tyrants and cruel dictators and of corrupt politicians and governments that they all shall come before Me in Judgment and shall be punished according to My Holy Laws and Commandments and thereafter be cast into outer darkness forever banished to the bottomless pit/Hell where they shall suffer forever the just due of their sins and crimes. But there is one revelation to be put before the wicked and unrepentant who are alive at this time on Earth whose time has yet to come when they have to face Me in Judgement as I am merciful so also am I Just visiting on the guilty My Just Judgment and punishment for their sins and crimes against Me and against their fellow human beings and against all of humanity in general so therefore as I am Just and Justice must be done and seen to be done by Me as said visiting upon the guilty the due punishment for their sins and crimes according to My Holy Word, law and Commandments SO SHALL IT BE DONE. But if those guilty of ethnic cleansing murder and mass murder of terrorism of crimes against humanity by Tyrants and Cruel dictators murdering their own people think that when they commit such crimes their victims will no longer bother or trouble them; yea in this life they will cannot; but if their victims are unrepentant sinners who obeyed not My Holy Laws and Commandments and were as are all murderers terrorist tyrants and cruel dictators cast into outer darkness and cast into the bottomless pit/hell another punishment will await the Terrorist murderers mass murders cruel dictators and Tyrants and that is that they will have to spend eternity sharing the bottomless pit with their unrepentant unrighteous victims for they are because of the crimes committed against their victims inextricably linked to their victims and their victims to them so to put it into context the victims of murders mass murderers, murderers of women and children terrorist rapist torturers persecutors tyrants and cruel dictators when they are cast into the bottomless pit/hell their unrepentant unrighteous victims shall ever be before them as a reminder of their crimes for all eternity. Thus this has already been found out by those who are suicide bombers and terrorist those who have committed mass shooting and afterwards have been killed or committed suicide woke up along with their victims in Judgment the righteous being acquitted and ascended into heaven and their unrepentant unrighteous victims cast into the bottomless pit/hell as punishment for their sins/crimes committed throughout their lives on Earth along with their murders and will have to share eternity together in the bottomless pit/hell their unrepentant victims being an added torment for their wicked crimes against them but their main punishment shall be for all of the victims of their wicked crimes both against the unrighteous and the righteous of mankind. One thing that I saith the Lord God of the Heavens and the Earth and the Heaven of Heavens and below the Earth can assure all the wicked and unrepentant of mankind and the breakers of My Holy Laws and Commandments that after Judgment when all of the wicked immoral disobedient unbelieving sinners/criminals of mankind are cast in to outer darkness and banished for ever from My Presence will never be allowed to forget their crimes/sins against Me and against mankind their crimes will be for all eternity be before their faces as a reminder why they are where they are.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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