Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of all of creation the Universe and all that in it exists that there can be no solution to the Irish Border question and the Spanish Gibraltar border question without both territories remaining within the EU which in effect will be like handing Northern Ireland over to Southern Ireland and Gibraltar to Spain and the UK accepting this as the price it would have to pay for a none hard Brexit or a no deal Brexit would mean paying a Judas price and a price that would bring down the UK government in ruins because of the reaction of the people of Northern Ireland and of Gibraltar and the British public. In fact the backstop agreement in its original format without the time limit on it would have been virtually giving in to all the EU demands and in Britain forever remaining in the EU which is the aim of Ireland, Spain and the EU. As said there is no way whatsoever can Brexit proceeds as the British people voted for and a compromise with the EU over the Southern Irish border without the loss of Northern Ireland and the Spanish Gibraltar border without the loss of Gibraltar. Whether the UK walks away from the EU negotiation and leaves the EU without a deal being agreed on now or is forced to walk away at the end of these Negotiations with a no deal on the table at the end of these Negotiations it will have to walk away without a deal or give up Northern Ireland to the Ireland and Gibraltar to Spain these two Nations will settle for nothing less as will the EU with the EU though hoping that the UK will not leave the EU for the EU cannot afford to let the UK go and any and all means will it uses to keep the UK in the EU. The hard line position of the EU is still in place and will remain so, it doesn’t want Brexit to happen but if it has to it will make sure it will happen the way it wants to and not the way Britain wants it to in other Words it will be in the end an EU not UK Brexit. But in as far as the solution that has been agreed upon by the membership of the EU to solve the immigration problem facing Italy in the Main and also the rest of the EU it will in no way solve the overall immigration problem as said the only way to sort it out is at source and to deal with the cause not only of the immigration problem but the refugee crisis as well for sooner or later those in the refugee camps will through frustration of being combined to overcrowded camps will begin to migrate towards the Western Nations meaning the immigration problem will be totally out of controlee and beyond the capability of the Western Nations to sort it out. What is keeping the refugees in the camps at the present is the hope of returning to their own countries and rebuild their live and once that begins to fade with no signs of that ever happening then the millions of refugees will seek other Nations in which to settle and rebuild their lives. Thus far the Middle East has been overwhelmed by the refugee crisis but as refugees give up hope of ever returning to their own Nations they will begin to migrate even to the East European and far Easter Nation including Russia and China.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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