Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation even He who is the creator of all of mankind and the redeemer of all of those who belong unto Him through the true and only Messiah IMMANUEL the only true eternal Passover Lamb of God sacrificed on the altar of grace who did shed His blood; which is the altar of the unmerited loving kindness of God; for all who would and did and shall belong unto God forever and ever by the true and only Faith as written down in My Word saith the Holy One of Israel. Thus say as I am to Judge the whole of the Nations of South America and have indeed Judged all the Nations of Europe which are to suffer the full fury of My wrath and anger poured out upon them because of immorality corruption the lack of compassion for the outcasts of the Earth who have been cast out through no fault of their own form their own Nations. For their lack of caring for the sick the disabled the homeless the orphan but more so for their careless and cruel acts towards the whole of My creation that dwells in the oceans of the World through their using My Oceans and seas as their rubbish tip casting all manner of refuse into the seas and oceans without the slightest thought of the consequences of their actions thus say indeed these of the European Nations have sown to the wind and shall indeed reap to their own downfall and destruction the full fury of My Wrath and anger as shall America suffer for using the orbit of Earth as its dust bin or rubbish tip what it has as I forewarned disposed of in space shall return to the Earth enemas and mainly on the American Mainland though others also of the Nations shall suffers the same consequences of their actions. Thus said I that I said I shall warn thee but once and then that which will follow shall befall thee without any further warning at a time and date as set by Me saith the Lord God unto thee. So also am I saith the I AM THAT I AM to Judge all the Nations of the African continent starting at the Cape of Good Hope and ending with the river of Egypt. All the African Nation shall be weighed in My Balances and shall be Judged according to My Holy Law and Commandments and if found guilty of breaking any one shall suffer the full force of My Wrath and Anger. For though the first Nation to be judged did change the whole of the Nation and totally banned Apartheid yet still remains and unequal society the down trodden are still down trodden corruption in politics still remain and injustice still rules that land thus say I from one end to the other shall descend upon it the cleansing and purging fire of My wrath and anger until nought remains within that land that pollutes it and nothing shall remain that is contrary to My Holy Will and Purposes as revealed in My Word in Mine own eyes all of mankind was created equal and so shall it come to pass in that land upon pain of death and destruction.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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