Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God and redeemer unto thee at this time that this global civilization is to follow all other past civilizations as it hath followed them unto the heights of lawlessness unbelief immorality great wickedness and disobedience to all of My Holy Laws and Commandments believing in its arrogance to do as did Nimrod build a tower to reach the heights of Heaven and My Kingdom this tower of Babel though being the exploration and conquest of space and the Universe as said a tower of pride arrogance unbelief and disobedience believing that this civilization shall cannot and shall not be cast down that it will last forever ever and in the end shall reach such technological and medical achievements that mankind would in the end achieve immortality or the closest form of existence to it but that instead shall fall to the very depths of sheol and shall be no more and as other civilizations an almost forgotten memory. That in thine arrogance also especially that of thy scientist in their belief in their theories as to how the Universe was created and the way life on Earth began along with the theory of evolution causing life to come into being upon the Earth of itself just so they could prove that I exist not that they in their arrogance have the answer to life the Universe and the reason for mankind’s existence that mankind need neither fear Me, death or the Judgment to come or the bottomless pit/hell that My Word can be listed with all the other Myths and fantasies of mankind created by the vain superstitious imaginations of men’s minds so that they could gain power over what they terms as the ignorant and weak minded of humanity to their gain whilst they over whom they have control live in almost abject poverty or close to it, they live in the lap of luxury and who ultimate control over others like pigs wallow as pigs wallow in their stys of their rich and luxurious living which they have gained though various wicked and devious corrupt and fraudulent means robbing the poor as so to speak to give to the rich and powerful themselves believing that by their wealth they can buy anything of anyone even believing in the possibility that by their riches as others of past civilizations have buy their way into Heaven of as they put it into the afterlife not knowing or understanding that nought from this life except their own person can traverse the border between life and death who laugh at the rest of humanity whom they have deluded into believing in their lies and fantasies even going to the extent of turning My Word of truth into a lie by adding and taking away from it those parts that contradict their fantasies and adding unto My Word so that it supports their teachings and lies that they claim as being the true faith so that mankind cannot escape or want to escape their bondage. Thus it is that their teaching not only contradict the teaching of My Word but are totally opposite to the only true Faith as revealed in the whole of My Word for every part of My Word is and ever shall be an integral part of the whole all in context and each part supporting and verifying the rest anyone can take a part of My Word out of context and the position it should be in and turn and twist it to their own advantage and that for a number of reasons for example wealth popularity position power or drowning others in a river of lies of which each and every part of My Word opposes and teaches humility patience temperance forbearance unconditional Love for Me My Word Law and Commandments the Messiah and all of mankind especially children and obedience both to the true and only Faith but also through Faith to all the teaching thereof and to all of My Holy Laws and commandments the forsaking of power position popularity wealth for of such are these the things of this world and do condemn all who walk upon these paths to death and destruction in the pit/hell forever for the end of this earthly life means the end of all it possesses what it gives in birth and life the flesh takes away in old age and death. But I have set down both in the hearts of mankind and in writings all of the teaching of the True and Only Faith in a way that when stripped of that hath been added to it to hide the truth of it and taken away all that hath been added so that mankind might be made ignorant of it, returned unto it the truth Faith shines forth in full splendour so that all can see and understand and know the true and only Faith and know what is required of them in this life and so that there might be in Judgment no excuse for the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments especially all of My Most Holy Moral Laws by which I will Judge the whole of mankind unto perfection, thus say I then unto thee all of My Word is set forth is and ever shall be the Word of truth and the true and only Faith which plainly reveals itself to be as all shall see simply Divine truth and yet simply profound Divine truth for as I AM THAT I AM without limitation in My Existence and the extent of My Being is infinitely perfect in every way in whom the whole of the Universe and creation exists so also is My Word of truth Divine and perfect, therefore all the words and the teachings of mankind shall be cast down when it comes face to face with the revelations of the day spring from on high when it shines forth in the darkness of this World and the darkness comprehends it not and flees away for light and darkness cannot exist together as truth and lies cannot for always one shall conquer the other.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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