Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee at this time in as far as Brexit is concerned and the plans that are to be put forward by the present political party in Government to solve and advance to everyone’s satisfaction the Brexit negotiations which on the part of the EU will fail if it doesn’t get a free open Irish and Spanish border and also the UK in effect remaining in the EU by being in the single market and the customs Union or a never-ending transition period and fail on the UK’s part if it does not regaining sovereignty, freedom from the EU courts of Justice, being able to freely trade by UK rules and regulations with any global Trading Nation whilst having a progressive free trade deal with the EU but not subject to its rules on the free movement of goods and people. The proposal of tariff matching with the EU will not work nor will it be acceptable to the EU Member states whilst some may consider it a viable proposition it is that whole of the EU hast to agree to any proposal put forward in the negotiations but will never do so in this instance. The problem with the Brexit negotiations is not the EU for it has set down before all its red lines beyond which it will not go and has no hidden agenda even its ambitions for stopping the UK from leaving the EU are in plain sight but not so with the UK Government that keeps its plans to itself not even outlining them to the parliament to which it belongs acting as though it is a law unto itself arrogant in the extreme, for one thing should be of paramount importance and that is the involvement of Parliament in every aspect of these negotiations for the outcome will not only effect the Government but the whole of the country for years to come and at the very least Parliament all of it should be involved, the people and parliament are not there to serve the government but the Government is there serve Parliament and the people who elected them to Government and parliament on their behalf to govern the Country for the benefit of the whole of the Britain thus must be said by keeping its plans secret what is the present political party in government afraid of. But not only is this Government accountable to Parliament but to the British Public that voted them into office and could in effect cause their downfall. These Brexit negotiations under their governance is failing because of their high handed manner and is going to end up with the disaster as foretold of a hard no deal Brexit for unless the EUs demands are met then there will be no deal on the table no matter what this government plans to offer as a solution to finalising the Brexit negotiations.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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