Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Host of Heaven and the Heaven of Heavens even of the whole of creation to thee as concerning the coming Brexit disaster that this present Government will be the cause of because of the proposed plans it is going to set in place before parliament the EU government and what indeed is this Brexit disaster the disasters is that the UK will because of this Government never Leave the EU as this Nation voted for, it will not regain its full sovereignty nor complete freedom from the European Courts of Justice nor accomplish the free trade deal without remaining in part or completely within the EU. One question though must be asked who governs Britain who is in charge of this Nation and Country and is the present government but a puppet government having its strings pulled by the business and finance sectors or is this Government a Government of the People elected by the people to Govern on their behalf for the benefit of all the people of the UK. The business and financial sectors are not concerned nor are interested in the welfare of the people of this Nation one principle governs them profit and loss and the only mention of the threat of Job loss is entered as a factor is to gain the sympathy of the work force using the threat of Job loss to get them and their community on their side if there is going to be a threat to their profit and Bank Balances otherwise their work force is there to serve them not for the companies to be there for the benefit of their work force. Thus one proof of this is when their bank balances and their profit are threatened what is their first course of action? Is it not to cut down their work force close outlets or factories to them it does not matter or even come into consideration the plight of those who lose their jobs because of these cuts. If it had been up to the business and financial sectors the Brexit referendum would never have happened and in no way would the UK be leaving the EU. The Brexit negotiations are not now about the vote of the referendum and the desire for the British People to once more being able to govern themselves their own way by a government that can and will meet the needs of its people that have elected it to office. The Brexit negotiation are now about Business and Finance profit and loss and the damage Brexit will do to the EU if it leaves in creating a financial black hole and the way it will affect the business and financial sectors of the EU and the UK. But there is one other factor involved in the these negotiations and that is that from the start the EU has been in charge of these negotiations and not the UK government nor parliament and how can I substantiate this by the EU right throughout these negotiations making demands and the weak UK government going out its way to meet those demands in any way it could possibly do so Just to get a bite of the carrot just out of its reach of a beneficial progressive free trade deal which again brings into view what in reality these negotiations are all about. What demand has then the UK made of the EU that the EU has gone out its way to meet. Then what also happens when the UK seeks to gain a beneficial trade deal is it not met with a plethora of excuses or rules and regulations of which EU quotes as the reason until the UK leaves the EU that a trade deal cannot be agreed on, if these negotiations are about trade and finance and the EU coming to the table with a genuine trade deal offer then according to the red lines set down by the EU and adhered to strictly it will never ever happen until the UK is outside of the EU. Thus also is the EU because of this weak government which is going out of its way to meet the demands of the EU in these negotiations laughing behind its back at the UK knowing full well that in the end if it sticks to its present course of action get its own way and the UK will vote to stay within the EU. Henry the eighth had the right Idea but the wrong motive for leaving Europe. But then what was the main factor that persuaded Henry to leave Europe and the European Empire as it then was Sovereignty Europe and the Church ruled England not the King the King was King in name only and that until now has been the situation with the EU the EU government has been in charge of Britain not its Government no matter the concessions and agreement made as it is with the rest of the Member Nations their Governments Govern their countries in Name only the true power of Europe is in the hands of the EU Government no matter what it says or claims. Thus until the UK leaves the EU completely the EU is still in overall charge of Britain. If there was in power a strong firm Government these negotiations would have been resolved and concluded long ago and a beneficial or no agreement would have been reached with the EU and Britain would have simply left the EU.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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