Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation unto the as I said I would do unto the disobedient and rebellious Nations which refused to hear and heed the warning given thus have I done and so shall I do rain down wrath and anger upon all of those who break my most Holy Laws and Commandments especial my moral laws but unto those i have if they turn unto me and through Faith in the Messiah seek to obey all of my Holy Law and Commands as promised so shall I bless and prosper and protect from all harm and alarm thus it is that I will overshadow and protect the obedient and curse and rain down wrath and anger upon the rebellious and disobedient and those whom I have promise to rescue from danger and from harm bringing them to safety so shall I do even according to My Holy Will and Law not for the sake of any Nation or land or people but for Mine Own Names Sake so shall it be done. Thus upon all the disobedient of the Earth who obey not from the heart My Holy Laws and Commandments and upon all murderers rapist abusers of men women and especially children upon all adulterers idolaters the followers of false faiths upon all of those Nations that minuses and abuse their people by any means whatsoever upon all of those who fail in their responsibility to care for the sick the elderly the poor the down trodden of the earth the homeless and the environment and the creatures of the Earth upon these shall rain down the full fury of My wrath and anger these shall be cursed by me to suffer all the plagues that once I poured forth upon Egypt and along with Volcanoes floods Tsunamis Earthquakes and all manner of pestilence and diseases but upon the Rich Western Nations that have heed not the warnings given these shall suffer from droughts and famines not only of water but of that which powers their transport systems upon which two major industries rely as I said afore so say I again those Nations I am about to punish they shall receive but one warning and then wrath and anger upon them shall descend even according to My Holy Word Laws and Commandments for those sins/crimes they have committed in the breaking of them even as I have so set down and revealed. But those Nations in past times I have punished which have yet not heeded nor obeyed any of My Holy Laws and Commandments think ye that thy punishment is at an end not so for this time given unto thee of calm was for a chance for thee to heed the warnings and to turn from thy disobediences and to seek through Faith in the true Messiah to obey all of My Holy laws and Commandments but because of thy deaf ears and hard hearts ye have not only refused to heed the warnings given but have continued in thy rebellious disobedience the breaking of My Holy Law and Commandments therefore as thy hearts are hardened unto Me so shall My Face be as flint towards thee and thy prayers and the heavens and Heaven of heavens shall when fullness of My wrath and anger strikes thee and thou doth seek mercy of Me to relent pouring out My wrath and anger upon thee shall be as Brass unto thee. As ye refused to heed My Word and My Warnings so shall I refuse to hear thy prayers and petitions until the fullness of My Wrath and Anger has been poured out unto perfection.


This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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