Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee even at this time that the proposed plan set forth by the Leader of the party in Government will be thoroughly considered by the EU and though it is a fair and comprehensive plan that if implement could benefit both the EU and the UK it will be rejected for a number of reasons and even if accepted by the EU Government will be vetoed by the Spanish Government because it does not resolve the Spanish Gibraltar border issues to the satisfaction of the Spanish Government and in reality when all things are taken into consideration des not meet the requirements of the Irish Government that would solve its border problem with Northern Ireland to it satisfaction for both the Spanish and the Irish government though not wanting to jeopardize the UK’s Brexit plans these two will only accept one of two plans for both borders one is for the UK to remain within the EU which would in all but name mean that Gibraltar would be united to Spain and Northern united via the EU in all but Name to Southern Ireland for to these no borders means no division in effect with greater integration within the EU it would only have been a matter of time before Irish and Spanish reunification happened. The only other option open now to both Nations is for the UK if it wants a free open progressive deal to relinquish its hold on Northern Ireland and Gibraltar of which the present Leader of the Government has stated that will not happen. Therefore these two will not settle for anything less than either the UK remains part of the EU or the UK gives up these two territories the EU’s backing them up to the hilt especially with their threats of vetoing any deal with the UK if the Border issues cannot be resolved to their satisfaction. But also the EU’s ultimate aim is to keep the UK in the EU at least in the customs union and the single market mainly because of financial reasons amongst others and it would meet the needs of other EU member states that will lose out financially or job wise if the UK leaves the EU. The present proposal that will be put forward in a white payer though intensely scrutinised by the EU will result in the same outcome as the previous Leader of the Government received from the EU government when he put forth his proposals that resulted in an EU referendum as was the attitude of the EU then towards the UK and its Government so is it now these proposals put forward by this Leader of this UK Government will meet the same response. The EU has nought but utter and total contempt for the British people and the British Government. These proposals will meet with the not only the same response that the previous Leader received but a counter proposal which in and of itself will reveal the true attitude of the EU government towards the UK and its people as afore said. It will state either accept these counter proposals lock stock and barrel or its a NO DEAL HARD BREXIT AND ALL NEGOTIATED AGREEMENTS WILL BE TORN UP. But not only that but it will treat the UK when seeking to make a comprehensive beneficial trade deal with the EU after Brexit as it has treated the US in its efforts to negotiate a beneficial trade deal with reduced tariffs from the EU which has gone on for years and because of the present trade war with US will be on going for years to come. Therefore outside of the EU what chance is there for the UK to broker a special trade deal with the EU. But as afore said seeing it in the light of day the EU because f its attitude will if it pursues such a course will lose one of its greatest export markets which will escalate its financial difficulties for years to come.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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