Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Hosts of Heaven the Heaven of Heavens and the whole of creation at this time My Will shall be done in all of the Earth as it is in My Kingdom of Heaven and shall be obeyed instantly unto perfection no disobedience will go and remain unpunished the time of holding back My Wrath and Anger and indignation from raining down upon all of the wicked the immoral the disobedient of the Earth upon the slayers and abusers of men women and children; especially the new born; upon those who refuse to care for the elderly for those who refuse to care for the sick the lame the poor the homeless to meet the needs of the starving whilst their stomachs and larders and bank balances are filled to over following is at an end. For what ye do unto others so shall I do unto thee but multiply it tenfold. Those who seek the destruction of others shall I so destroy those who refuse to feed the poor I shall refuse to feed them by causing famine drought and plague to strike their crops and their herds to perish their meats no matter how they seek to preserve shall cause them to rot and their fishing trawlers to return empty. The seas and the land will no longer give of their bounty. Unto those who murder and rape and abuse I shall do unto them even as My Law demands a life for a life and for rape as they take away the innocence of their victims so shall I also take from them their lives and livelihoods those who refuse to heal and care for the sick as they should be, they shall all of their lives be plagued will ill health and sickness of body and mind those who refuse to shelter the stranger from the storms of this life even those who are migrants and refugees fleeing persecution and death, when such befalls them as it shall I shall refuse to provide shelter and comfort for them they will become as outcast amongst the Nations and who shall refuse them shelter and protection. Thus also shall My wrath and anger extend to those who have and are causing damage to the environment and to the creatures of the Earth and the environment around the Earth in orbit as thou art destroying My creation so shall I rain down death and destruction on thy towns cities and villages as thou destroys My creation so shall I destroy thine until thou doth turn from thy wicked immoral lawless and destructive ways and do seek to put right the destruction of My creation thou hast so far caused before its to late and the full fury of My wrath and anger strikes the whole of Humanity to such an extent that not one city shall remain standing upon all of the face of the Earth. As concerning the present party in government it has one major problem to many rebels within its ranks that should not be there all members of any political party should support its party totaly without reserve and dissention and any who cannot do so should resign. Division in a political party in the end will destroy that party and if in government will cause its demise. As with My Kingdom saith the Lord God of whole of creation mankind fell because they disobeyed My Commandment but that as afore said was not the true cause of their fall it was their own will that was the cause in that they chose to disobey Me and through unbelief believed the adversary in the form of a serpent and chose to disobey My commandment and to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil knowing full well the consequence even death and the possibility of being cast out of Eden and having the sentence of death executed upon them but not only that but of being banished forever from entering the Kingdom of Heaven My Kingdom. Which indeed come to pass. But the lesson herein is for all political parties to never tolerate rebels amongst their ranks any and all members should be willing right or wrong to back their political no matter what and if they cannot do so should resign their membership. if thou doth desire to become a member of a club thou hast to agree to abide with all the rules and regulations set down by that club and support its elected leaders and if for any reason you disobey those rules and regulations and after being warned if you continue to disobey any of the rules and regulations is not thy membership terminated and thou cast out of that club. So should it be with any political party especially in Cabinet if they should rebel they should be sacked immediately without the opportunity of reigning their position and should also stand down as the Mp’s for that political party and for their constituency and should if they desire to remain an Mp should either join another political party or stand for re-election as independent Mps for their constituency. As I will not tolerate in My Kingdom any and all rebellion or disobedience to My Holy Will Laws and Commandments neither should any political party be willing to tolerate any rebellion and disobedience to all any of their rules and regulations and respect their Leaders to fully support them. But in as far as Leadership in a political party is concerned any and all incompetence revealed should in be nipped in the Bud and the Leader by the whole of the political party replaced by a competent Leader able to fully eet the demands of Leadership.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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