Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee of the mighty Nations of the Earth as I have so said so shall I do and all that hath thus far been put before thee shall come to pass I call thee mighty Nations but in fact thou art in reality only mighty in thine own eyes for thy might to Me is but like a summer storm that hath passed by and no longer exists, in comparison to the might of My right hand and the sword of My Just Judgement to be executed upon all the proud and arrogant Nations of the Earth of which the arrogant mighty Nations of the Earth are the most arrogant of all Nations past and present these so called mighty nations of the Earth shall indeed fall one by one and great shall be the fall of them all for not by a great and mighty Nation shall they be brought down but with a stone made without hands that shall be cast at them and shall shatter them to the four corners of the Earth. Thus how shall I compare thy Might to Mine saith the Lord God of the Hosts of the Heavens and Heaven of Heavens shall I compare the might of thy ocean going Navies to the might of the raging seas and oceans that are at My beck and call hose mighty wave which I can in an instance call forth and overwhelm and sink all of thy ships without a shot being fired against the weapons of My Armoury thou hast no defence even thy vessels beneath the wave are at My Mercy because of the strength of the currents that I can call forth to preserve or destroy. Then there is thy so called mighty air force that I can send crashing to the earth by calling forth of devastating whirlwinds tornadoes and hurricanes and then thy Nuclear weapons the mightiest of them being to Me as nothing but mere firecrackers as compared to that which I can call forth from the depths of the Earth and from the seas and ocean depths which can not only devastate an Earthy continent but cause it to cease to exist from the face of the Earth both the continent and their inhabitants. But ultimately there are the Hosts of the Heavens and Heaven of Heavens even My army that can overwhelm and go through and utterly and totally destroy any and all of the armies of the Nations that do come up to do battle with them in one day against whom the weapons of the armies of the Earth have none effect these countless angels as ye call them that are gather together awaiting the dawning of day of the Last great battle an army without number and that is immortal and cannot be killed nor be defeated an army of which in the first World war some of the combatants saw and fled and when they told others of what they had witnessed believed them not. But yet saw that something terrible had frightened these men.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord.

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