Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God creator of mankind the Earth the Heavens and the Heaven of Heavens well have I said that the Mighty Arrogant Proud Nations of the Earth are to fall and so shall they do so one by one and many of mankind will ask in what order and which one is to be the first to fall and what shall be the cause and the result of that fall and how also will it affect the rest of the Nations of the Earth but say I in reply as I have so ordained their fall so also have I ordained the means the way and the time and the effect it shall have on the rest of the Nations of the Earth and on all of mankind. But I say this the fall of these mighty Nations has begun America by its isolationist aggressive foreign policy on trade and immigration. Thus say I no matter now how it shall seeks to change direction it shall not be able to do so for the rest of the Global trading Nations are about to increase exponentially all their tariffs on American imports especial China which ever seeks to be the major Global trading Nation of the World of which now because of Americas present Global trading policy has given China effectively a step up on the Worlds stage and America a step down. But on immigration already it has made a catastrophic blunder in as far as its recent Border policy on the separation parents from their Children and also on its attitude towards Germanys past immigration policy no matter the mistakes made by Germany on immigration one thing is in its favour of which it has to be commended and that is its massive intake of refugees that were fleeing persecution and war even though along with them came others fleeing poverty and a better life and those force by people traffickers to become immigrants against their will packed into unseaworthy boats and abandoned to face the elements and the terrors of the deep of which many did not and still do not survive. Whose eyes reveal the terror they have faced and still the uncertainty they still have to face as Germany shall be rewarded for its charity towards these refugees and immigrants so also shall there be a reward I shall give to the cold hearted and callous Nations especially three that refuse to take them in house and feed them until if possible the refuges and those fleeing war and persecution can return if ever to their own Nation. This shall be the reward of the cold hearted and the callous Nations . As they have been cold hearted so shall I be unto them when My wrath and anger descends upon them for all their sins and crimes in disobedience to My Holy Law and Commandments as they have turned away the refugees and immigrants so shall I turn these away when they cry out for mercy when death and destruction whirlwind and fire hurricane and storm the rumbling of the Earth beneath their feet causes their houses and buildings to disintegrate when floods and famine strikes hearts and homes in punishment for all their sins and crimes and after in Judgment when they come before Me to be Judged and are reminded of their inhumanity towards their fellows human beings. The wings of My Just Judgment is and shall descend upon the wicked disobedience unbelieving and the cold hearted of mankind that have no thought nor care or sympathy towards those of mankind worse off than themselves who have to face the humiliation of having to beg for help and refuge and then face a wall of rejection and scorn by those who think only of themselves. Thus say My Just Judgment is descending upon the terrible swift wings f My vengeance and anger to Judge the inhabitants of the Earth unto perfection according to My Holy Law and Commandments for all of mankind’s wickedness immorality and lawless disobedience to all of My Most Holy Laws and because of the unbelief and hard heartedness and cruelty of mankind to others of mankind as it hath been written in My Word so shall it all come to pass even at this time

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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