Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of Hosts even the true and only Living God and redeemer of all of the Holy People even those all who have been and are and are to be cleansed and made pure and Holy in My sight through the blood of the only true eternal Passover Lamb even the only true Messiah. Thus say I unto thee in as far as this Nation and its plans on leaving the EU are concerned this Government and its leader in this instance and in these negotiations are causing more harm than good and should be replaced by a strong determined Leader and Government in other Words this Government and its party are no longer fit for the purpose of Governing this Great Nation and shall be the cause of a no deal hard Brexit. For the only ones who knew what they were doing in the respect of negotiating a beneficial proactive deal for the UK with the EU have resigned because they know that the plans being put before the EU will be by the EU government rejected outright and wil cause more harm than good. The question must be asked why the Leader of this Nations Government has until now not put a sensible coherent plan for negotiating Britain’s exit from the EU before now the reason iis basically thy leader did not have one and was relying on the Brexit Team and its Leader to come up with one of which they did but instead of trusting them to get on with negotiating a sensible acceptable deal and because the Head of the Brexit negotiating team was getting all the credit wanted some of the credit for negotiating a good deal for the UK overrode the head of the Brexit Team and department and took charge which has resulted in the mess the present negotiations are in now of which the plans now to be put to the EU are only going to make matters worse for the UK not better and more even so now that the Leader of the UK Government is taking advice from someone who dislikes to put it mildly any Nation Leaders interfering in that leaders countries politics and elections yet is going out of that American Leaders way to interfere in the politics of another sovereign Nation. But for the Leader of the UK’s government to come up with the threat to their own party that if they don’t accept their Leaders plan and back it to the hilt that there is a possibility of the UK not Leaving the EU has the marks of advice given by the Leader of another Nation and if that’s not interfering in another Nations politics what is? But the advice given also has the signs that the person who gave it that they in no way want the UK to stay within the EU but not totally leave it so that their Nation can have access to the EU’s markets and pay the minimum overheads in other Word the deal on the table for the UK’s trade deal with the US is only if the UK can guarantee the US access to the EU without the level of tariffs now imposed on the US thus if the UK leaves it is of no use to the US and if it remains in the EU thus the threat the UK in as far as trade is concerned is of no further use to the US. But one thing has to be pointed out if ever there was any possibility now of the present governments Leaders threat coming to pass the backlash from the British public both leavers and remainers would be such as would not only see the downfall of this government but the end of the British Conservative party having betrayed the vote of the people of the UK.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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