Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee at this time as concerning these Brexit negotiations there remains but one of two directions these will go either the EU agrees to the terms and conditions of an amended plan proposed by the Leader of the UK government or rejects it and two that the UK agrees to the terms and conditions for trading with the EU that it has set down from the very beginning and has not deviated from but has made it more difficult for the UK to agree to any trade deal by insisting on the open free borders between Northern and southern Ireland and Gibraltar and Spain the latter of which they seem to avoiding mentioning at all maybe hoping one will lead to the other being agreed on. But herein lays the difficulty which in itself is twofold in that the EU has not given ground on its demands or been willing to compromise on it terms and conditions on coming to a beneficial trade agreement with the UK in any way but that the UK has gone out of its way to compromise with the demands of the EU in every way possible to negotiate for beneficial proactive modern trade deal with the EU bordering on staying within the EU and reversing Brexit. Which to say from everyone’s point of view is out of order if the UK is willing to compromise so should the EU if not then there is but one answer only to Brexit which indeed has been there from the very start of these negotiations of which now are to say the least going round and round in circles getting nowhere. When negotiations are one sided with one side making demands that those it is negotiating with have to meet even all of its terms and conditions that it has set down and is unwilling to compromise in any way on then such negotiations are terminated by those willing to compromise but see no future in continuing the negotiations . Thus say I unto thee put forth thy amended plan and if it is not acceptable to the EU ask the EU to propose an alternative plan that if it is not acceptable to the UK then the UK has only one option left to it and that is to tell the EU that it has no alternative but to terminate the negotiations and leave the EU immediately of which to say the least the EU doesn’t want the UK to do and neither does the UK but you cannot negotiate with a person business or Nation or Union of Nations that are on the major points to be negotiated on unwilling to compromise. The amended plans of the Leader of the Government to be put forward will be rejected as the EU has already made its mind up that it is unacceptable as it does not comply with the terms and conditions of the free movement of goods and people and the single market and the customs Union and does not guarantee in its eyes an open border between southern and Northern Ireland and between Gibraltar and Spain the only plan they will accept in this respect is the backstop plan proposed by the UK government in the first place but without the imposition of any time limit in other Word these negotiations by the EU are aimed at basically trying to keep no matter what the UK in the EU as it was before the referendum and the previous Prime Minister of which even a blind man would come to the same conclusion by the actions threats and the political and financial manipulation it has carried out and its rejection of all plans by the UK put forward bar one the backstop plan which would have lead to the UK in all but name remaining a member of the EU but without all of the benefits of full membership. So for the EU there are only two directions it wants the UK to go either return to full membership which the Holy Roman Empire tried on in Henry the Eighths days without success and then tried to do the same with the Spanish Armada to force England in Queen Elizabeth the first days back into Europe and the Holy Roman Empire without success but it has to be said since then there has always been European Nations seeking to conquer Britain or for it to once again become an integrals part of Europe though the first to try to conquer Britain and fail were the Romans who in the end didn’t conquer Britain only bribed the main tribes to become part of the Roman Empire and for Rome and the Emperor to be its rulers. The other direction was for the UK to agree to reinstate the backstop plan without the time limit and the UK become a member of the EU in name only without the benefits of full memberships what did the EU say about not wanting to punish Britain for having the audacity to vote to and try to leave the EU.
This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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