Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even the redeemer of those of mankind who believe in and follow the true Messiah and saviour IMMANUEL unto thee at this time as I have said and so brought it pass so have the hidden secrets of the darkness and wickedness of this world and of mankind been brought out into the light of My Divine truth to be seen by all of mankind and so it shall continue for by the light of divine truth shall the wicked immoral and disobedient of mankind throughout the Earth be by Me judge even the Divine Light of My Holy Laws and Commandments and by such shall they be condemned and cast into sheol even the bottomless pit wherein is the lake of the fire of everlasting torment and punishment for all the wicked sins, transgression and crimes of mankind. Thus as hath Judgment been past and the sentence declared so shall the punishment commence both in this life and the life to come and especially now upon the wicked and disobedient of those that dwell upon the Earth at this time even unto perfection as I have so ordained it to be so shall it come to pass. Even as have two mighty Nations been so been Judged and are about to fall even one of the Leaders of one of the Mighty Nations of the Earth whose Nations fall shall he have a hand and be instrumental in its downfall thereof by the looseness of his tongue and critical attitude towards other Nations and their Leaders and his unwanted advice and interference in the politics of other sovereign Nations seeking to try to manipulated them to his own advantage which in the end will gain the Nation he leads more enemies and to lose the friends it still has and it would be better if this one had never been elected to be the leader of this Nation. For as friends abandon and enemies increase and gather against such an one so doth isolation ensue and as isolation become more prevalent so do those who formerly traded with the Nation vanish and after follows depression and the fall of that Mighty Nation then becomes inevitable. But shall the other mighty Nation follow on to fall as that Nation fell be before so shall the mighty Nation of Eastern Europe fall and it leader shall be brought before Me in Judgment to answer for his crimes against innocent civilians and against especially the children of the Nation his Nation as Leader became ally to as so shall the Leader of the Nation to which he allied himself to come before Me to be judged and sentenced My Cup of wrath and anger was not in times past filled up to the brim ready to be poured out on these but now it is and the time of their Judgment before declared approaches and none of their wicked crimes shall remain hidden beforehand nor shall they be able to hide them. The denial of the crimes of that Mighty Nation Leader shall be of no avail as his and his Nations crimes are bought out into the light to be seen by all that this one and its Nation are guilty of the crimes it is accused of and shall indeed both in this life and that to come suffer for all of their crimes thus far committed by them.

This is the Word of the lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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