Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole Earth and of the whole of creation unto thee at this time did I not say unto thee that the lives of children are most precious in My sight and warned the American Government of that which I would do unto the government and unto the Nation if greater gun control was not brought into force across the whole of the Nation now I say unto thee no more warnings shall I give unto this Nation unto this Government nor unto its Leader but for the deaths of children resulting from what thou doth call accidental shootings whether by adults or by children as in the recent case of the shoot of a cousin by a four year old thy Laws Might Hold to account the perpetrator or in this case the person responsible for the safety and overall care and protection of life of that child that was killed by her cousin as so they should be but now it is that I shall in My Hot displeasure indignation wrath and anger in the not heeding the warnings previously given to the Government and its Leader and those of the Gun Lobby upon applying greater gun control across the whole of thy Nation I shall saith the Lord God of the Host of heaven indeed not only hold to account only that person responsible for this death through the lack of parental care and responsibility but the whole of the Nation the Gun lobby the Government and its Leader responsible not only for this death but the many others that previously have happened under similar circumstances whether they are what thou doth terms accident but to Me are not for someone ultimately is responsible for these what I consider crimes against innocent children that are most precious in My Sight. Thus say I unto thee this is not a warning that punishment will be forth coming if there are not changes to the Law in thy Land in as far as gun control is concerned but that now because thou has not heed the warnings previously given thou hast hus provoked the Hot fury of My wrath, anger and indignation to the extent that I shall punish the whole of the Nation the gun Lobby and the Government and its Leader to such an extent that thou wilt know what it is to suffer at the hands of the Living God whom I AM THAT I AM thus it is that vengeance is Mine saith the Lord I will repay thee for thy crimes against the children of thy Nation. This do I so declare unto thee saith the only true Living God and redeemer of the whole of mankind especially all of the children of the Earth.

This is the Word of the lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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