Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of all of mankind especially of the children of Israel My People at this time in a fair and pleasant land did I place a garden and hedged it around about and built within it store houses and through it to water it did I changed the course of a stream to go through and water it and then I planted all manner of seeds to bring forth fruit in their due season and waited throughout the seasons thereof and for the crops I planted to bring forth the fruits thereof but it did not produce healthy ripe pleasant fruits that feeds the body and soul but it brought forth diseased ridden fruit that rotted as soon as it ripened and also weeds and thorns and wild bushed which I had not planted so I cast down its hedges destroyed the store house and did dig up all the land and changed the course of the stream so that no more did the pleasant garden exist only a barren patch of waste land. But now I say unto the House of Israel and unto thee O Jerusalem My Holy City. Thus say I unto thee saith the Lord God of Host shall I not compare My Garden to the Land of Israel in that I returned My People unto the Land of Promise My pleasant fruitful Garden to reside therein forever and so that as I returned them unto the Land of Promise they would return unto Me so that once again Jerusalem would be restored as it was in former day even as it was when David and Solomon were on the throne and all the Land prospered, that once again the House to My Name would again be rebuilt on the site it once stood and Jerusalem would again become the city of the Living God My city and all the pleasant places once more would be built up and I and My people would once again become one I in them and they in Me and as I promised so did I return My People to inhabit the Land and to prosper therein to the glory of My Holy Name and unto all the Land of Israel did I cause to prosper both in relation to all the Nations of the Earth and in as far as the fruitfulness of the Land as a fruitful garden did I bring prosperity to the whole of the Land of Israel and did it not bring for all the fruits thereof in their season and did not peace and happiness reign within the land and have I not protected and defended the Land of Israel and the Children of Israel against all of their enemies giving them the victory thereof. Yet as I afore said I return Israel unto the Land of Promise and as promised caused the land to become once more a land following with milk and honey and yet as I returned Israel unto the Land f promise only a remnant return unto Me but for these did I hold back My wrath and anger from descending upon My People and as I have so said and so decreed I shall never again cast Israel from the Land of Promise but it doth not mean that I will not punish Israel for all of their sins transgressions and the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments especial My Holy Moral Laws and thus as I return Israel to become once more a prosperous land a land flowing with milk and honey so shall I in punishment for Israel’s rebellion and the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments remove from it the prosperity thereof and no longer shall it be a Land flowing with milk and honey but a barren and desolate place full of briers, thistles and thorns and wild bushes and the land shall withhold its bounty is shall indeed become a dry and desolate land the prosperity and fruitfulness shall only return when My People return unto Me. I returned My People so that they would return unto Me and as they Have not return unto Me so I shall not return unto them and shall not prosper them but as said and have so decreed I shall not and neither shall any Nation of the Earth cast them out of the Land of Promise.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord.

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