Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time that which is to follow the last great Battle the Battle of Armageddon even that which hath gone on before but more so even the Judging and punishing of the Nations of the Earth for I will strike the wicked and rebellious and unbelieving Nations for their breaking of and disobedience to all of My Holy Laws and Commandments with whirlwinds and fire with Earth quakes and tsunamis or tidal waves of such force that anything in their way shall be utterly and totally be destroyed. But the first major disaster to strike the whole of mankind shall be the drying up of the Oil Wells of the Earth well many times ye were warned that the Oil reserves of the Earth were limited and even if great quantities where held in reserve which they are yet soon also would these be depleted and whilst thou didst seek and search for other energy sources yet those that shall be found or discovered shall be in no way able to compensate for the dwindling Oil recourses and reserves both of the Earth and those set aside by mankind for this western civilisation seeking to switch over to another resource to power thy transportation systems is now to little to late why because of mankind’s excessive use and reliance on oil based and fossil fuels as said the Earths supply of Oil and fossil fuels is not infinite and unlimited and to punish mankind as I have afore said I could have brought to an end the Earths Oil reserves but I have not needed to do so for mankind is doing that to themselves. But though thou art to a certain degree electrifying a minor portion of thy transport system yet this energy resource doth not cover all of thy transport system needs such as the aircraft transport system if the Oil wells dry up then eventually flight around the Earth will come to an end. Even the Oil reserved for Military purposes will eventually run out but even if all of the land and sea based transport was electrified the greatest portion relies on fossil fuels to run as do the power stations along with the Nuclear reactors which will be unable to supply enough electricity to keep the present transport system operational along with the electricity needed for Domestic purposes. The assurance from the scientific community in as far as the Earths remaining supply of Oil is concerned that there is still enough to keep the present transportation systems of the Earth operational for years to come is a fallacy but even if it was what about the generations that exist when it finally it does run out what happens to them? But as said there is in the Earth a limited amount of Oil and fossil fuels remaining that will not last for the amount of time estimated by the scientific community of all departments for the demand for petrol and oil will soon out run the supply of the Oil resources left within the Earth as thou and thy scientist will begin to become aware of in the not to distant future even now thou will begin and are beginning to see the signs thereof. What will be the Effect on his so called Modern Unprepared society and civilization when it begins to run out and rationing at fuel outlets have to be put in place. What happens when the vehicles of people and goods begin to run out of fuel and have to be abandoned on the motor ways and the Highways of every Nation what happens when the cars of the Millions of people that have paid a fortune for and are still paying for them become use less and of no more value than scrap metal when ocean going cargo vessel are unable to ply the sea lanes of the Earth transporting their goods what happens when all aircraft are grounded and abandoned. The true scaled of the cataclysmic result of all the Oil wells drying up is such that this Western Civilization will fall apart at the seams that it will produced such a back lash against the Governments of the Nations and the scientific communities whom they will blame for not having prepared mankind for such an eventuality coming to pass and that contingency plans have not been put in place to avoid if at all possible the complete breakdown of the Western Civilization and society.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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