Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee and unto all the Nations of the Earth well did I warn thee of all that hath come upon the Earth in punishment for all of thy crimes, sins and transgression in the disobedience and breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandment but say I unto thee as said this is but the beginning of troubles for all the Nations of the Earth for as said that the righteous Nations of the Earth shall shine even as the stars of the heavens but the unrighteous these shall fall and perish by the hand of he into whose hand I have placed My swift and terrible sharp sword to slay the wicked and immoral and disobedient of the Earth even he who is called the Captain of the Hosts of the Lord he who shall lead the Hosts of the Heaven of Heavens into battle on that great and terrible day that is to come upon all of the Earth when all the Nations of the Earth have been Judged and the wheat separated from the chaff the chaff for to be burned thereof in the eternal flames of torment in the Bottomless pit known as sheol forever and the wheat to be gather into the Barns of My Kingdom therein to dwell forever in the glory of My Kingdom before My throne with all the hosts of the Heaven of Heavens where death and the grave exist not wherein everlasting life peace beyond all understanding Love happiness and joy reign forever. Thus it is now that which hath so far come upon the Nations of the Earth is as nothing as to that which is to come even the heat of the Sun to cause the surface of the Earth to become as hot as an oven full on causing such droughts as never before seen upon the Earth of the trembling of the Earth beneath the feet and the spewing forth of the hot fury of volcanoes of whirlwinds hurricanes and storms of such magnitude that shall cause mankind to tremble and their hearts to fail them for fear of that which is and is to come upon the face of the Earth not alone for the disobedience of mankind but also for the way mankind has neglected their responsibility towards creation and the creatures of the Earth thus did I not warn thee that punishment would be due to descend upon all of those of mankind and of the Nations who treat the environment and the surface of the Earth and the space around the earth as their own personal dustbin and said that I would after these warnings no longer tolerate mankind’s treatment of the Earth and its creatures as so as I warned mankind so as I promised so shall it from this time forth come to pass. Like as said that which is to befall mankind in punishment for the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments and their neglect of mankind’s responsibility and treatment of and to the whole of creation that which hath thus far come upon the Earth in punishment of the Nation is nothing as compare as that which is to come of which hath also been set down and prophesied at this time to come upon the Earth even in these days of the Judging of the Nations these last days wherein mankind shall feel the full hot fury of My wrath and anger that shall descend upon all he inhabitants of the Earth that obey not from the heart by Faith in the only true Passover Lamb of God the Messiah all of My Holy Laws and commandments even all of My Most Holy Moral Laws of which I have commanded all of mankind upon pain of death to obey. As it is hath been ordained as revealed in My Word through My servants the prophets so shall it now come to pass upon all of the Earth.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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