Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee even at this time as concerning the mighty Nations of the Earth wheels within wheels deals within deals how are the Might Nations of the Earth cast down unto the depths of the Earth no more to rise up ever again. One Mighty Nation being a Union of Nations, even the EU and the other mighty Nation being the US, one of which shall cause the other to fall with it. For I have said two of the four mighty Nations of the Earth shall fall. Thus it is these two indeed shall fall and it is these two that are seeking to negotiate a trade and services deal that will equalize tariffs on both side one willing to negotiate equalization the other on certain goods and services a tariff free trade deal. One Mighty Nation seeking a alternative route in the EUs trading markets the single market and the Customs Union mainly because the route it intended to take was via the UK if it remained a member of the single market and the Customs Union yet was not a full member of the EU and not in danger of leaving the EU completely which to that Nations Leader the UK leaving the EU completely seems now inevitable thus the negotiating conference arrangement between the EU and US. But on the EU’s part the motive is quite different and that is that the UK was and is unwilling to accept the EU’s proposal of either agreeing to Northern Ireland remaining a part of the EU so that there could be an open free border between the North and South of Ireland which effectively means Northern Ireland would be no longer a part of the UK and in effect would be reunited with the South of Ireland or the UK reinstating the backstop solution without the time limit as agreed on beforehand which would in fact lead to the UK never completely leaving the EU at all. Both have been rejected by the UK government as was the advice of the US Leader. By negotiating a trade and services deal the EU is hoping that if the EU negotiates a trade deal with the US it will harm the UK’s future prospects of making a trade deal with the US thus punishing or at least pushing the UK to the back of the queue in seeking to make a trade deal with the US outside of the EU the US having no further need to prioritize a future trade deal with the UK there being no need to use the UK as a stepping stone into the EU and that the best way ahead for the UK will be to agree to remain in the EU or at least reinstate the backstop solution to the Irish border problem. But in as far as the trade and service deal with the US leader is concerned one thing should be noted that the trade and services deal if the EU achieved either goal with the UK would be either push to the background or terminated straight away the Negotiations on a trade deal with the US is but a means to an end and that is keeping the UK in the EU.

This is the Word of God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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