Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto all of mankind that exists upon the face of the Earth that there is but one Name alone whereby any of mankind can be save from My Wrath and anger now descending upon all of the Earth in these last days and that Name ye Know even the only true Messiahs Name which is IMMANUEL “which means God living amongst mankind!” Also say I unto thee saith the Lord God of the Hosts Heaven even the only true Living God and redeemer that there are two Unions of Nations that are now ordained to follow different paths one to fall and to be shattered in pieces and the other destined to be a prosperous global trading Nation the one to fall and be shattered in many pieces the blame thereof to be laid only on one door and that is its own and its fall will and can be seen in one Childs nursery rhyme for all the Nations of the Earth will seek to save this Union but will be unable to even as the nursery rhyme goes to put all of the pieces, bring back the membership Nations together again and the cause being amongst many other faults and failings is it own unwillingness to compromise with the rest of the Global Trading Nations of the Earth as it should on an equal basis even because of its own intractable trading markets rules and regulations of which will become more and more for its membership a restrictive straightjacket in as far as trading with other global trading Nations is concerned and especial one Nation that now seeks a trade and services deal with this Union but will find out that the difficulties of coming to an agreement on tariffs and membership of its markets will be the same barrier as other Nations have come across especially the UK and the previous leader of that Nation now seeking a proactive equal tariff or free tariff beneficial trade and services deal and that is the barrier of the trading rules and regulations of which the EU cannot and will not compromise leading to extensive negotiations that will in the end fail as the previous leader of the Nation now attempting to negotiate a deal with the EU and no matter what the leaders of the government of the EU put forward yet they cannot and will not compromise on the single market and customs union trading rules and regulations which is also forcing the UK down the road to a no deal Brexit. A reformation of these rules and regulations of the EU single market and Customs Union would lead to security and prosperity but a failure to do so as said will lead to a fall and the breaking up of the EU as afore said and nothing will be able to save it or after its fall bring all the member Nations back together again.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

From the prophet of the Lord

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