Thus saith the Lord God Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God saviour and redeemer unto thee that as I so said I would do thus far have I done even bringing down upon the heads of mankind a Just Reward for all of their sins and transgressions wickedness and immorality their lack of meeting the needs of Humanity the homeless the sick the disabled the poor the elderly and the needy but also the responsibility of mankind for all the creatures of Earth even all of My creation but more so of neglecting and even damaging of the environment to such an extent that hath thus far hath provoked Me to wrath and anger in as far as the disasters that I have thus far struck Humanity with but this warning do I give unto thee if this continues even thy neglect and damaging of the environment thy treatment and neglect of caring for the creatures of all of My creation of which responsibility as chief of My creation into thine hands did I place their care welfare and protection in the beginning but not only of land based creatures but also of sea going and of the fowls of the air by thy neglect of thy responsibility I mean the protection and care not only of the creatures of the Earth but the protection and maintenance of their environment which they need for their existence and prosperity, then it shall be no longer shall I, as I have thus far done, held back the full fury hot displeasure and anger against all of humanity for all that they have done to the Earth and of their inhumanity towards each other and of the great wickedness and immorality and the disobedience to and the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments especial as said afore My Most Holy Moral Laws that mankind has thus far committed against Me and against the creatures of the Earth the treatment of theirs and the creatures of the Earths environment. If I was to list all of the sins transgressions crimes and breaking of My Laws and Commandments then it would take longer that the Earth has been in existences to write them all down in the form mankind lists items. But as I AM not confined or limited to time and space and as My Memory is limitless and utterly and totally perfect all the sins transgressions crimes and the breaking of MY Holy Law and Commandment I have, will and shall commit to My memory ready for when all of mankind comes before Me to be Judged sentence and punished for it shall be that all of mankind shall have to answer for each and every crime sin transgression and breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments. Of which I know what thou wilt say that it will take forever to Judge all of humanity past present and those yet to come but say I it most surely will not for as said I AM not limited to time and space for Me the past present and future are all one infinite now. Thus as I am not limited as is mankind neither am I limited to how many of mankind I can Judge at the same time for I am everywhere at the same time and in every place thy Laws of physics apply not unto Me for the Earth the Heavens and the Heaven of Heaves cannot contain or restrict Me contray wise in Me all things exist even all of the Universe at once can I hold in the palm of My Hand for as I AM everywhere at once so all of creation all of the creatures of the Earth all of mankind lives and moves and has their being in Me and without Me saith the Lord God nothing could exist that doth exists. Mankind is limited to time and space and to their physical being understanding and comprehension of the existence of all things that do exist and cannot comprehend the length breadth depth height and limitlessness of the perfection of My Being and existence for with Me in as far as My Existence is concerned there is no beginning and no end but it was in the very beginning as I said I created mankind in My Image and though confined to the Earth and to a body of flesh mankind was as perfect as I and as limitless as I in his life span meaning perfectly immortal having a beginning but no end until mankind fell by the breaking of My Commandment not to Eat of the tree of good and evil of which I said in the day thou doest thou shalt surely die for in My Kingdom disobedience I will not tolerate in any way shape or form any who do so are banished there from forever unless they repent turn from their disobedience and rebellion and do by Faith believe in and are redeemed by and do follow the only true Messiah all the rest of their days upon the Earth.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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