Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee saith the Lord God redeemer and saviour even at this time that how many referendums would it take to stop the remainers and the business sector seeking to remain within the EU and to reverse Brexit first though if another referendum was agreed on by the government it would have to make by an overwhelming majority vote the first referendum null and void which would mean virtually reversing an act of Parliament even so this would provoke mass protests and even riots on the street of Britain by those who voted to leave that have so far in effect held their peace and calm whilst those who have voted to remain have been most outspoken and proactive in seeking to overturn Brexit, of which they all can be only be compare with because of their vocal outcry against Brexit to spoilt children who make demands of their parents for example when in town and see a toy or sweets they like and ask their parents to buy them for them and when refused start to stamp their feet and if further refusal comes start to scream their heads off until their parents; to avoid being embarrassed; give in to their demands, though other more well disciplined children would either accept refusal and if not would be taken home post haste by their parents and sent to their rooms until they learned to behave. Thus it is if a possible second referendum did take place must be asked and the same outcome resulted would the remainers then accept the resultant vote and no longer campaign against Brexit the answer would be no they would claim foul or the referendum had been rigged and seek a third referendum and if that produced the same result a fourth and a fifth and on until the vote was in their favour. These are they who seek to overturn Brexit and impose their way of thinking on the rest of the UK and will not rest until they achieve their goal contrary to the attitude of those who voted to leave if te vote have been in favour of staying in the EU then the whole of those who voted to leave would have accepted the result without so much as a murmur which in effect shown in contrast the outright childishness and fanaticism of the remainers. But I say this that the EU itself it behind and backs up the remainers campaigns both politically and financially by galvanising the political EU sympathisers to speak out in favour of the UK remaining in the EU and the overturning of Brexit by campaigning for a second referendum. But therein lays the danger for the UK in that if it remains within the EU or even a part of it when it inevitable falls as it will not from without but from with as did its predecessor in ancient times of which the European Nations have sought to resurrect many times and though its outward appearance has changed many times over yet its heart has always remained the same. The EU political system has nothing in common with modern democracy and the principles of Global trade and finance as the American Leader most recently proved by his imposition of higher tariffs on the EU because of its trading policies with the US in as far as tariffs were concerned though indeed the way he went about was out of order and the result has still provoked a worldwide trade war. But as said the EU will fall from within as did the Roman Empire because of the way it treated its territories and subject Nations who in the end turned against it and sacked Rome. But the UK should also consider if the EU was in a crisis situation would the EU if the UK remained a member stand by or abandon Britain as did the Roman Empire when it abandoned Britain recalling all of it forces leaving it vulnerable to the invasion of the Saxons. Or looking at it from an extreme perspective will the EU seek after the UK finally leaves Europe do as Europe did after Henry the Eighth took Britain out of Europe sent via Spain and Armada seeking to force Britain back into the then Holy Roman Empire will the EU by devious means seek to force Britain back into the EU and by that I mean the trade conference agreed on by America and the EU. The UK should never forget the treatment suffered at the hands of European Nations in the past what in reality is Europe’s true attitude towards Britain and its people that over the centuries several of its Nations have sought to invade or conquer the British Isles. Britain should never ever consider any Nation in Europe it enemy but at the same time be wary of its Leaders and their Governments.

This is the Word of the lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord.

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