Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

The say I saith the Lord God redeemer and saviour unto thee how are the mighty fallen and cast down unto the depths of the Earth even like Babylon the Great of ancient times fell and great was the fall thereof along with all of those mighty Nations that followed in the footsteps of that wicked and immoral city and Empire whose remains can still be seen in the middle East even unto this day wherein one Mighty Nation is likened unto it and as did Babylon Fall so shall that Mighty Nation even greater shall be the fall of this Babylon over which shall all the other Nations of the Earth mourn its passing but as said many other Great Nations have followed in the footsteps of Babylon and many great and mighty Nations have fallen by Mine own hand saith the Lord God of the Hosts of the heaven of heavens in the past Persian Egyptian Greek Macedonian Roman Mongolian Chinese French Spanish German British but a few though this latter one fell but not down unto the depths of the Earth which did turned as I ordained it become a Nation after Mine own Heart and what weapon did I use to turn this one from being a proud complacent arrogant Nation and Empire a lesson in humility on the shores of Europe during the second world war whom I then raised up in defence of Europe to liberated it how think ye that this Nation won the Battle of Britain? as I did with the Spanish armada so I did with the battle of Britain not only for Britain’s sake but to be the main catalyst in freeing the whole of Europe and all of the persecuted and tortured citizens who were suffering under the reign of a Nation lead by an Evil wicked immoral perverse Dictator and his government who did as Judas did killed himself rather than face retribution not only at My Hands which he hath not escaped but resides in the deepest depths of the bottomless pit thou doth call hell forever but at the hands of all of those who had suffered under this evil persons rule. But also ask thyself which Nations territories aided the Americans in defeating the Japanese. But since then this Nation has as thou wouldst call it backslide into its old ways before the fall of its Empire though not as far as it did afore time which is why though this Nation in all but Nation name still retains some of the trappings of its former Empire that to which I refer is the British commonwealth of Nations which remains as one united by agreement and not as afore under Empirical rule by force of conquest. What keeps the commonwealth together is a common united heart and goal of which another Union of Nation hath not and would have been better forming its Union on the same basic foundation rules and regulations especially in as far as trade and finance. What caused this Nation to rise from the ashes of its fall is its heart by Me was changed from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh upon whose tablets I wrote all of My Holy Laws and commandments on which its democracy is based which hath made it willing to come to the aide of any Nation that is in need of help as hath been proven in the past but not only in need of aid be it poverty or disease of which Britain and its people have always been the first ones to respond to any crisis worldwide medical or otherwise to give unreservedly resources of both men, women and materials but also to come to the defence of the weak poor and helpless Nations of the Earth when asked to do so. But in as far as obedience to My Holy Laws and commandments of morality humility and sensibility in matters spiritual and material this Nation has backslidden to such an extent that all the hidden things of darkness hidden in the secret places of this Nation heart, by Me had to be brought out into the light not only to punish the perpetrators thereof but to show unto this Nation the darkness that comes with a proud hearted people pride does not only cause arrogance but ignorance of the reality of wickedness immorality and perversion by which the innocent suffer. Because of pride, arrogance and ignorance wickedness immorality and perversion are hidden and like a cancer if untreated right away will not only cause the death of a person but also of a Nation as said in thy sayings pride comes before a fall and humility success and prosperity. But also I say unto thee that United a Nation stands and cannot fall and a Nation divided cannot and never will be able to stand but there is also another side to the unity of a Nation and that is forced Unity of any Nation and people unites no one and is the forerunner of disaster, persecution and death. Better a Nation divided than United by force as are many smaller Nations at this time especially one in the Middle East whose leader is uniting his Nation by force who has not learned the history lessons of Roman Emperors while the support of the Military was theirs then they have nought to fear but when once withdrawn either by bribery and corruption or by force of arms or the loss of favour of the military leaders an assassination attempt always followed.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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