Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God redeemer and saviour unto thee at this time I now say unto thee that the UK and the EU have nothing in common whatsoever the UK is an open free democracy governed by the elected members of the Mother of all Parliaments, elected to govern the UK on behalf of its people for their health welfare prosperity security and protection and stewards of the Nation’s wealth to use it for the benefit of all of the people of the United Kingdom and not for their own benefit of which when in Judgment they shall have to given an account of their stewardship before Me even unto perfection and as the stewards in My Word who were given great responsibility by their master so shall it be with the Government of this Nation past present and in the future whether they are those who were successful in their stewardship and greater responsibility was given or those who failed and lost even that which they already had. This is the present situation with the present Government which is failing in its stewardship and is in danger of losing even that which it has. The UK as said by Me saith the Holy One of Israel has nothing now in common with the EU which it had when it first joined when it was an open free trading community of Nations based on the Democratic foundation of cooperation between member Nations both politically socially and economically without the restrictive practices rules and regulations of the bureaucracy that now governs the EU of which it is becoming more and more to resemble a republic not unlike that which it was in former times the old EEC has gone as has its benefits not only for its members but for the rest of the Global Trading Nations and what the rest of Europe has to asked what indeed has replaced it is it still an open free trading community of Nations based on the Democratic foundation of cooperation between member Nations both politically socially and economically without the restrictive practices rules and regulations or a republic as it was in former times having a central government Elected Mps and a President and Prime Minister with also it own Justice system, military and central court’s of Justice presiding over the whole of its territories/member Nations. One thing should be noted and that is in council all the member Nation sing from the same hymn sheet but on their own individual leaders as is seen by the visits of the British Prime Minister all seem more open and pliable. Which was not evident when a former British Prime Minister sought a more free and open beneficial deal with the EU and also sought to promote reformation within the EU which would have meant a more democratic Union the response was not worth the paper it was written on in as far as the deal request of the EU government. The part to be note is there was no input favourable or otherwise from the rest of the EU Leaders of Member Nations normally in a political conference such as it was then over major Issues there would have been objections or favourble agreements to the UK’s proposals but from the rest of the leaders of the member Nations not so much as a squeak all were in agreement and in harmony from all outward appearances then seen. But what of the Brexit Negotiations the Chief negotiator is the only voice heard surely in such momentous negotiation all member Nations should have their individual say and input is there then a gagging order on all member Nations to fall into line with the EU policy on Brexit to present a United front to the UK and the World that in reality doesn’t exist what hold does the EU hold over its member Nations that their freedom of speech is it seems denied them. In the British Parliament all are able to voice their opinions favourable or otherwise so long as it is done with decorum and in an orderly respectful manner but it seems not so with the EU in these Brexit Negotiations it would be a welcomed sight to see other leaders of member Nations standing up in conference having their say favourable or otherwise without the Chief Negotiator looking over their should in case they disagreed with the EU Chief negotiator on his negotiating strategy or policy.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord.

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