Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith Lord God of the Hosts of the heaven of heavens even My Kingdom wherein is the throne upon which I sit in Judgement of the Nations of the Earth one by one even as I have so ordained to be from all eternity especially the Mighty Nations of the Earth of which one hath been judged found guilty sentence and is being punished according to all of My Most Holy Laws and commandments unto perfection this one indeed shall fall even unto the depths of the Earth to rise no more for My Judgment is Just upon this one for all of this Mighty Nations sins crimes transgressions and the breaking of My Holy Moral Laws and the Worshiping of false messiahs and false gods which are not gods but the vain imaginings of men’s minds who now not Me nor want to do so more so do they seek to eradicate Me from all of the memory of mankind which cannot be done for Mine image still resides though corrupted by the fall in all of mankind man woman and children from birth. Thus shall it be all of those mighty Nations that remain after the fall of the one now falling shall be Judged even as that one hath been Judged according to all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and as that one was given the opportunity to answer and give a reason for all of the crimes sins transgressions and the breaking of My Holy Moral Laws committed by the remaining Mighty Nations so shall the they one by one given the chance to answer for their sins crimes transgressions and the Breaking of all of My Moral Laws but also it shall be that in the midst of their Judgement shall be a call by Me go out for anyone to come before Me in defence of these Mighty Nations so that as their sins crimes transgressions and the breaking of My Holy Laws hath been put before Me in Judgment to give an answer for so shall one be brought forth to list all of their good deeds done upon the Earth and their crimes and wicked deeds and their good deeds shall go in My Balances of true Justice and Judgment and if they weigh one way or the other for or against then so shall Judgments verdict accordingly be given. But say I this if one sin crime transgression outweighs their good deeds thus shall My Judgment be against them to condemn them to the bottomless pit forever and there is but one sin crime transgression that will outweigh all other good deeds which will turn them into likened unto filthy rags and not righteous garments and that is the original sin crime transgression committed in Eden which if not repented of and turn from through the eternal Passover Lambs; the true Messiahs; Blood washing away all of their transgressions will in effect make all of their good deeds of none effect. Thus it is if any of these Mighty Nations seek not to fall by the swift terrible Sword in My right Hand then they as a Mighty Nation must all turn and repent and accept the Eternal Passover Lamb the Messiah as their redeemer and thence forth through Faith adhere to and obey all of My Holy Laws and commandments all the rest of their days upon the Earth but if not then all of the Mighty Nations indeed shall fall down unto the depths of the Earth and unto the pit/hell for all eternity along with the adversary and his followers.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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