Thus saith the lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee hard hearts, devious minds and deaf ears in the French holiday retreat meeting between the British French and German Leaders with the French and German Leaders having no intentions of even partially agreeing to or even listening to the British Leaders Brexit plan except with deaf ears, but to seek to persuade the British Leader to agree to the EU’S plan as set down by the EU’s Brexit negotiator by any means possible. The EU has no intentions of giving Britain any Beneficial Brexit deal except one and that is either stay in the EU and reverse Brexit or to give up Northern Ireland and Gibraltar territories to the EU member states concerned with empty promises of a trade deal of which by the way has never been on the table. The intentions of the EU from the very beginning after the referendum vote and the realization of the definite possibility the UK would be leaving the EU, if it persisted and did not change its mind and stay in the EU then the EU would give the UK as hard a time as it possibly could with the hope the UK would see sense and stay in the EU but if the UK was set on leaving the EU and nothing worked to change its mind then the EU’s only deal scenario was a no deal hard Brexit. The EU has never had any intentions from the start of giving the UK if it persisted in leaving any deal whatsoever it was and is either capitulation to the EU’s demands and plan or punishment for even daring to consider leaving the EU in the form of a hard no deal Brexit with the only side benefiting from the UK leaving would be the EU which even a blind man could see what the true intentions of the EU from the start have been and still are. But on saying that which hath been thus far been said France and the French have more in common with Britain than the rest of EU and Europe as has their history proven right from Roman Times when the Romans conquered Gaul to become part of the Roman Empire though then the Gaul’s had no liking for the British tribes and sided with the Romans in Rome’s ambition to conquer Britain which it never did but since then the French have been more of a friend to Britain than an Enemy whose Kings and Queens have had a very close relationship with the British monarchy and don’t forget through two world wars Britain sided with France in defeating Germany in the first World war and in the second the French President and the French government took refuge in Britain and were allies along with the French resistance in defeating Germany for without the help of the French resistance and allies Britain with her allies could never have invaded and liberated France. Yes indeed the French and the British have had their fall outs but never to the extent of making them outright permanent enemies even Napoleon respected the British and the real major fall out between Britain and France was in the American War of independence and when all said and done Canada has been shared between the French and British since its creation though it has remained British. But in as far as the Brexit Negotiation are concerned if taking into account Frances membership of the EU and its aim of continued friendship with the UK France is more libel to help than hinder the UK in getting a fair deal from the EU after all it is its ports cross ferry facilities and Euro Tunnel that bring in profit for Frances tourist trade and industry and the movement from and to France of exports and imports in and out of France from the UK it would be to its advantage even if a hard Brexit happened to cause as little as possible friction in the access and egress of Goods and Tourists through its ports and Euro Tunnel more friction more hindrances more hold ups in ports and via the tunnel more problems for France and its Economy.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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