Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel the only true Living God and redeemer of mankind unto thee even at this time as I have said many times in warning thee of the consequences of thy disobedience to all of My Law and Commandments especially My Moral Laws of which thou hast deafened thine ears blinded thine eyes and hardened thine hearts towards Me and the warnings sent forth believing that because thou believed not in My existence I existed not and all that I had warned thee of would not come to pass but I do exist for My existence relies not on thy beliefs and what I have thus warned thee of will in deed befall thee and alll of the Nations of the Earth, now as said afore thou hast sown to wind and now thou art to and shall indeed reap the whirl wind of My vengeance in wrath and anger and the striking of the wicked and disobedient and immoral and corrupt Nations and Governments who rob their people of that which is rightfully theirs keeping them by cruel and perverse means in subjection denying them those freedoms that are the right of every human being on Earth the freedom I have given to Humanity yes if the choice is disobedience to all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and walking in all the ways of wickedness, corruption, immorality then that is mankind’s choice but choosing that path has its the consequences of doing so and must inevitably be suffered by those choosing that path sooner on Earth or Later in Judgment the same choice I gave unto Adam and Eve to obey or disobey My commandment the choice of which they made and suffered the because of that choice the consequences which I said would come to pass if they chose to disobey that commandment given of death. There is as said a difference between choice and being force under duress to commit acts contrary to a person’s free choice. Like unto the temptations of the adversary to give in or to resist is up to those being tempted to give in or resist even the adversary cannot force any one to give into temptation or to do anything contrary to their will he can only seek to persuade a person to give in but his methods of persuasion are as evil as is his fallen Nature and will sink to any depths of wickedness lies and deceit to persuaded any one to give into temptation knowing once they do he holds sway over them until an outside force or person intervenes. Thus the choice also of obedience to all of My Holy Laws and commandments and the resistance to give into temptation is by choice I saith the Lord God of Host force none to follow after Me and to do My Will rather willing disciples that forced slaves or in the terms of thy techknowledgey rather people that robots. Those who are willing to do My Will according to My Word upon Earth as it is done in My Kingdom of Heaven. Thus it is that I do condemn and abhor all dictatorships in any shape way or form they shall indeed feel the full force of My Swift terrible sharp sword when it strikes them down unto the depths of the Earth. But also as said the choice of disobedience for all the Nations will and have resulted in the consequence thereof to the fullest extent of the punishment set down in My Holy Laws and Commandments and all of My Word of which now shall continue to descend upon all of the Nations that shall suffer therefrom until the full punishment thereof due for mankind’s choice of disobedience wickedness, immorality, cruelty and the breaking of all of My Holy Moral Law hath been fufilled as indeed the choice to disobey My Holy Laws and Commandments was mankind’s choice the consequences mankind was warned they would suffer for that choice willingly made was so set down both in My Word and in the warnings sent forth.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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