Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God f the Host of the Heaven of Heavens unto thee at this time in as far as the troubles now facing the whole of mankind that these will not diminish but escalate in conjunction with the level of mankind’s wickedness Immorality disobedience to and the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and commandments and of mankind’s persistent cruelty the creatures of My creation that inhabit the Earth and the Environmental pollution that despite the call for mankind to reduce pollution it hath increased to such a level now that to reverse the effects thereof will take many generations of humanity to even touch the surface in reducing the level of pollution. Now and in the future not only will the outpouring of My wrath and anger cause the down Fall of many Nations but also the effects of the pollution created by mankind of the land seas and oceans will soon begin begin to affect the whole of humanity in fact it is already to a certain extent already beginning to do so. As will also the pollution caused by mankind of the orbit of the Earth begin to affect the environment of the Earth not only debris and dead satellites but all of mankind’s orbital techknowledgey upon which mankind relies for communications, entertainment and Military purposes of which I could saith the Lord God wipe out with but one medium solar flare reaching Earth’s orbit. Make no mistake all of what thou doth call Nature is at My command and as I so say so doth it obey Me even as I have so controlled from the very beginning all of that which thou doth call Nature that hath been set in its course by Me from the beginning of creation and so shall it continue to do so for I have ordained the course Nature takes for the health and well being of mankind and the creatures of the Earth but so also can I command the elements of Nature to strike the Nations in punishment for breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and the great wickedness and immorality of mankind by Hurricanes Tornadoes Earth Quakes Tsunamis floods volcanoes avalanches landslides and fire to ravage the Nations Lands and forests as also can I command the clouds to withhold the release of their water to replenish the Earth so that drought plagues the Earth and can as seen in Egypt at the times of Mosher/Moses and since raise up in punishment plagues and pestilences and diseases famine of which mankind has little or no defence as hath been proven over the last two decades or more. Thus so far have I held back the full force of My Vengeance poured pout in wrath and anger for mankind’s treatment of the planet and the creatures thereof but My patience is running out because of mankind’s blindness deafness and hardness of heart in ignoring the warnings thus sent forth for mankind to turn from their treatment of the planet and its creatures and that if mankind did not do so then mankind would be punished by Me saith the Lord God as is being revealed in the disasters now facing mankind and still I relented from pouring out the full fury of My wrath and anger but there has to come a time if mankind doth not turn back fully from walking upon the path they are now walking on that the full fury of My wrath and anger shall be poured forth upon all the Nations of the Earth especially upon those who misuse abuse and pervert My Holy Word and Law to the extent that mankind hath turned the truth of My Word into a lie by adding unto it and taken away from it and by seeking to confine My Word to their systems of theology, doctrines and teachings of which they understand not limiting it to the confines of their intellectual schools colleges and Universities of which all are not of Me and Never shall be or can be the more mankind by his theology seeks to understand My Word the less mankind will understand it because My Word is simply Divine truth but yet it is simply profound and is beyond the limits of the understanding of the minds of mankind in their Natural fallen state as said in My Word so say I now to understand My Word and to enter My Kingdom ye must be converted through Faith in the Only True Passover Lamb the Messiah and must become as little children for of such is My Kingdom of Heaven saith the Lord God and creator of all that is was and ever shall be.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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