Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel the Lord God of the whole of creation thus it is for the great wickedness, immorality and corruption and of breaking all of My Most Holy Commandments and Laws especially My Moral Laws by the Nations that I have Judged the Nations and in Judgment having been found guilty have I punished the Nations with the disaster they have been struck with but yet they blame these disaster so striking them on the extremes of Nature; that same Nature which is a part of My creation and at My command; and not on My Judging of them for their great wickedness immorality and corruption. Thou has stopped up thine ears to My Word of warning and blinded thine eyes to the truth that is before thy face as said afore no more shalt thou be warned when My Swift and Terrible Sharp Sword of My vengeance shall in wrath and anger be by Me Commanded to strike those Nations I so Judge to be guilty of all manner of wickedness, immorality, corruption pollution of the environment and mistreatment of the creatures of the Earth even of the inhumanity of a Nation towards its own people by the Government of that Nation in any way shape or form that in Me there is only order and there is no confusion so shall the Judging of the Nations be in the order I have so decreed from the very beginning from the rich and powerful and those who hold high office down to the lowliest of the land shall all in that Nation be Judged and if found guilty of breaking any or all of My Holy Laws and Commandments so shall they be punished thus Judgment begins with the government of a Nation so Judged and if found guilty of breaking the least of My commandments and Laws shall be punished according to the punishment set down in My Word. Therefore as corruption is rife in all the Governments of all the Nations of the Earth so shall all the Governments of the Nations be Judged and when if found guilty punished according to THAT WHICH IS SET DOWN IN MY HOLY COMMANDMENTS AND LAWS REVEALED IN MY WRITTEN WORD. But I shall not Judge by the sight of Mine Eyes nor the hearing of My ears but in righteousness shall I Judge all the Nations of the Earth unto perfection for all the secret places of the hearts of mankind cannot be hidden from Me there is nothing hidden that cannot be by Me revealed and bought out into the open even all the secret places of the darkness and wickedness of the hearts of mankind shall not remain hidden but be brought out into the light of truth to be seen by all. Thus shall the Judging of a Nation begin with the Governments of the Nations along with the rich and powerful these shall be the first to be Judge and if found guilty the first to fall down even unto sheol/hell and the bottomless pit forever along with the adversary and his followers.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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