Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee even at this time as afore said the Heaven of Heavens are My throne and before that throne in the heaven of heavens before Me eternal in the heaven of heaven even My Kingdom are all the hosts of the heaven of heavens and all of those who belong unto Me from every generation even all of those that have gone on before all of those upon the Earth of every land people and Nation who now belong unto Me and those who are to become of Me through the blood of the Eternal Passover Lamb the Messiah IMMANUEL for all peoples of every land and Nation upon the face are equal in My sight for in the heaven of heavens there is but one Nation and that is My Nation and one Kingdom and that is My Kingdom and one people My people and one creed of Faith MY Faith and My Holy Laws and commandments that shall be obeyed perfectly and willingly but not by force in the heaven of heavens accord unto My Will and purposes as hath so been ordained from the beginning in all eternity. As I have said so have I done upon the face of the Earth and as I have said afore as concerning the Judging of the Nations so shall it continue to come to pass and nothing shall halt or hinder it until all hath been completely fulfilled even the fall of the Might Nations of the Earth that races towards their own destruction and another follows closely on the heels of their demise and is already falling not a mighty Nation but still the leader thereof who considers it so being proud and arrogant who by deception engineered his rise to become the popular ruler of his Nation who is in all but Name its Dictator and will in no way relinquish his hold on power though seemingly to allow democratic elections yet they shall they be democratic in name only. Better it is for those who are the partakers of this trade war that now exists with this Mighty Nation the one first to fall, to withdraw from this war completely for there are no winners in war only losers and in as far as this war is concerned in the end it shall be that only one that shall suffer there from and that shall be the instigator of it the Mighty Nation that is to fall and as concerning this Mighty Nation which is likened unto a sheep being lead to the slaughter what must be asked who is the one holding the rope that is leading this sheep to the slaughter. Though to the leader of another Nation whose stench of wickedness and cruelty and the slaughtering of his own people rises to the heaven of heavens thy Just Judgment draws nigh when thou art to come before Me in Judgment for all of thy crimes in the breaking of all of My Holy Commandments and Laws and thine aggressive actions taken against My People and slaughtering of all the innocent men women and children of thy Nation think ye that thou hast escaped Judgment nay not so for if it was that I allowed thee to continue upon the face of the Earth for a time then it is was for a purpose for all things work together for good and for the glory of My Holy Name and as I am infinite in all of My being so also MY patience is infinite knowing the span of thy life before thou was brought into existence for as My Word says it is appointed for all of mankind once to die and then to come before Me in Judgment and this say I saith the Lord God as it hath so been ordained from the beginning so shall it come to pass especially casting into sheol/hell all the wicked and immoral and the breakers of My Holy Laws and Commandment after being found guilty as thou wouldst say it being proven guilty as charged.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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