Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even the Holy One of Israel the redeemer and saviour of mankind throughout all lands peoples and Nations unto thee at this time in as fa as Brexit is concerned I saith the Lord God of the whole of creation say that there is indeed no way that the UK can ever again be a member of the EU as it was before and if it does seek to return to the EU it will be the bigest mistake the UK and this Nation could ever make for the tems and condition for returning to the EU would mean that the UK would have to never again seek to leave the EU and would forever be bound by its rules and regulations in other words the EU would seek to humiliate the UK for even considering leaving the EU and then the question of the Norther Irelands independence from the rest of Ireland would brought into question would it not be that the reunification of Norther and Southern Ireland would be one of the conditions of rejoining the EU as a full member having the full benifits of membership along with Gibralter being returned to Spain of which both Nations have sought to accomplish with the backing of the EU in the Brexit negotiations without a humilating capitualation on the part of the UK admiting its mistake on seek separation from the EU and the conditions above would they not be some of the conditions for the EU to even consider re-admitance of the UK to the EU especialy the single marked and the customs union and the European Courts of Justice which would then hold sway over whole of the United Kingdom and there is the question of the commonwealth and what would its trading relation ship be with the EU and the UK after the Brexit negotiations have compelted and the UK has left the EU. Now the pocess of leaving hath begun as said reversal of Brexit would be a humiliating defeat for the Uk and its people. Therefore as the course now in as far as Brexit is concened hath been set cut and dried leaving is the only remaining option for the UK and none other but still the EU will seek to use the Irish boarder question as a means to reunite Northern and Southern Ireland and Gibraltar and Spain as hath Southern Ireland and Spain have sought by various means so to do. In as far as Parliaments Brexit Deal Vote is concerned this was the peoples vote ratified by an act of parliament and as the MP’s are elected to govern on the part of and for the benifit of the British Public then it is imperative that they fulfill their sworn duty to respect and carry out the wished of the British people as per the refurendum vote and any deviation by any MP should but will not warrant their deselection to stand to be re-elected as MP’s to Govern this great Nation on behalf of its people. But is now nolonger the peoples Brexit having een hijack by the Buisness and Finance sectores nolonger is it Britian regaining its sovereignty and getin free from EU dominance over ever aspect of British Life f Parliament being able to make its own Laws without interference from Brussels to freely trade the World over for the UK to get controle back of its education services and heath sector of being free from ever havin to contribute billions to the EU that could be used for the health and wealfare of the British People to regain the freedom won by Elizabeth the first when she took the throne and stood up to the Spainish court and defeated its Armada with My Help saith the Lord God andfrom then on all who followed in her footsetps of Oliver Comwell of Disraely of Weligton and Lord Nelson and of Chrurchhill and many others that have fought for and to keep this Nation its Islands and its people free from the conquest and dominence of other Nations. Brexit is not about trade and industry its about its people and the freedom of this Unied Kingdom to rule itself without outside interference. This Nation has and has had two Great Queens that have throughout their live dedicated themselves to the sevice of their people and their Nation without any thought for themselves first to gain fully this Nations freedom and to keep it free and to keep together the former British Colonies in a commonwealth of Nations and the latter secretly working irelessly behind the sceense for the benifit and prosperity and welfare of her Nation and the her People.

This is the Word of the Lor God unto thee

rom the propfit of the Lord

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