Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord of God of the whole of creation blessings where blessings are due mercy where mercy is due forgiveness where forgiveness is due and Just Judgment where Just Judgment is due to descend upon any and all of mankind and the Nations of the Earth. Thus it is that salvation is given to those who come before Me in deep humility repenting of their sins crimes and transgressions not only in the breaking of all of My Holy Laws Commandments, but crimes, sins and transgression committed against others no matter who they are friend or foe family or stranger and that must be through Faith in the shed blood of the only true Eternal Passover Lamb of God the Messiah IMMANUEL for it is if any of mankind is redeemed by Faith in Him then not only do they become Holy Pure and righteous in My sight but are able to obey unto perfection all of My Holy Laws and commandments and to dwell in My presence for ever both upon the Earth and in the life and in the Next before My throne forever for as soon as a person is redeemed through the Blood of the eternal Passover Lamb to them is given immediately total and utter forgiveness of all sins, crimes and transgression in the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments according as is set down in My Word but also everlasting life that is those who in truth and in spirit truly repent of all of their crimes, sins and transgressions through Faith in the Messiah shall be brought from death spiritual to life eternal. But those I say of mankind who turn and repent not then there is but only the short span of thy life to Live before Judgment Day. But in as far as the rich and powerful in this life as said My Word it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle that those who are rich and powerful in this World to enter My Kingdom of the Heaven of Heavens. For the unrepentant and the rich and powerful at life’s end once the angel of death claims thee then only Judgment for thee awaits and thus it applies to the rich and power full Nations as well who do not use their wealth for the benefit of other Nations not only thy excess but of thy necessity for what ye give to the poor and down trodden the sick the disable the homeless the elderly the orphan and the poor starving drough famine and war ridden of the Nations of Earth in this life thou shalt receive tenfold not only in this life but in the life to come especially if redeemed according to the true and only Faith as set down in whole of My Word through the blood of the eternal Passover Lamb the Messiah as I am the one and only true eternal infinite Living God there is no other so also is My Word and must be treated and believed in as such. In the Judging of the Nations one follows another and if found guilty of the crimes, sins and transgressions and the breaking of My Holy Laws and commandment so shall be punished accordingly even unto perfection. Thus far those Nations that have been found guilty of Breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments have in part been punish but there is one that soon shall cease to exist from the face of the Earth and better it would be if they fled that Nation before the full fury of My Wrath and anger strikes. Island of the seas and oceans I raise up and also Islands I cast down to sink beneath the waves to be no more and so it hath been from the beginning of creation and so shall it continue by those means I have so ordained to come to pass.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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