Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation unto thee at this time for the iniquities of one and for the iniquities of two as I said so have I begun to Judge the whole of the Northern and Southern American Continents even as I said I would from the Barents sea to Cape Horn so shall they all be Judged weighed in the balances of My Just Judgement and if found guilty of all manner of wickedness corruption and immorality they by Me shall be punished and shall fall even unto the very dust of the ground for one Nation and for two Nations and for four more shall their governments for their corruption iniquity and great wickedness that shall be revealed shall they not escape the full punishment of My wrath and anger descending upon them for all of their crimes against their people and in the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments thus is it no matter who they seek to blame for the situation their countries are in they are alone guilty and shall be Judge and Condemned as such for there is nothing hidden in as far as these corrupt governments are concerned that shall not be revealed. I have and am still after Judging and finding all the Nations of the Northern and Southern American Continents guilty of all manner of wickedness iniquity immorality the cruel treatment of the poor and down trodden of their Nations their treatment of their sick their disabled and elderly and their wasting of billions of money to fund useless projects of no practical value instead of feeding poor healing the sick giving homes to the homeless finding homes and families for the orphans meeting the needs of the needy the elderly and the infirmed and bed ridden and the starving of the poor Nations of the Earth wallowing in the lap of luxury whilst other suffer; have punished them and still am punishing a hard hearted unbelieving rebellious Nations and it shall continue either until those Nations do turn and repent of all of their wicked crimes sins and transgressions or go down to the dust of the ground to be no more to these I say thou so far hath had but a foretaste of My Wrath and anger death and destruction which is nought compare to that which is to come and descend upon all of thy Nations if they turn not for all of their wickedness iniquity immorality and in as far as the governments thereof of their corrupt and wicked ways how did I say how are those who seek to deceive others are deceived themselves into believing that there would not be a day or reckoning to come upon the Earth well that day hath now come not upon the Nations of the Northern and Southern American Continents only but upon every tribe and Nation peoples tongue and cultures of all of the Earth. Yea indeed I say unto all of the Nations of the Earth the long dreaded day for all of the wicked of the Earth that day of reckoning no longer is a far off but near at hand eve at the door when all of mankind shall have to answer for their life on Earth and if found wanting when thus Judge by Me cast into the bottomless pit and flames of the Lake f fire of everlasting torment that lies therein wherein the flames go not out for all eternity and if found guiltless holy and righteous in My sight through faith in the blood of the true and only Passover Lamb eve the Messiah shall be lead into My Heavenly Kingdom to receive the Just reward of their promised inheritance.
This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet off the Lord

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