Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith I unto thee saith the Lord God of the whole of creation that in as far as the Brexit negotiations are concerned they were a none starter from the very beginning and have been an exercise in futility going round and round in circles and in effect getting nowhere and the cause the red lines set down by both sides beyond which neither side are and were willing to go. The Brexit negotiations should have begun with a clear feild and no red lines beyond which either side could not venture but on saying that both sides wanted their cake and eat it the for the EU it was either keeping the UK either within the EU which it still hopes it will and if not for the EU to come out of the Brexit negotiations smelling of roses having got the best of both worlds the backstop solution the UK’s agreement to pay up to forty billion in exit fees with the European courts of Justice still having an influence in the affairs of the UK and keeping Gibraltar and Northern Island in the EU and the transition period with the possibility of it being extended if any complication arose on either side over the UK’s final departure. Thus the UK also wanted its cake and eat it but not to the extent of the EU all the UK wanted was a progressive beneficial proactive trade deal why the EU said that the UK wanted its cake and eat with the red lines it put in place was its way of saying in no way was the UK ever going to get any sort of trade deal whilst reaming in the EU but still like the donkey with the carrot on a stick it has used the offer of a trade deal as a carrot to encourage the UK to give into the demands of the EU a trade deal that the EU as said intended never to give the UK which can be seen if anyone cares to look at the red lines set down at the beginning of the negotiations and the four principles of the single market and the customs Union of of which of which it states is one red line it will never cross or compromise on . Thus as I have said so have I done because the UK has stuck to the peoples referendum vote on leaving the EU but at the same time being generous to a fault in seeking to come to an agreement with the EU on beneficial trade deal that would enhance future cooperation between the EU and the UK after the UK left I have cause as I said I would prosperity to befall this Nation in as far as global trade was and is concerned. That no matter what the deal if any at all with the EU after the UK leaves it will becomes one of the most prosperous wealthy Global trading Nations of the World and it would be in the EU’s interest to cooperate with the UK in as far as trade finance and industry is concerned for Britain would be to the EU a stepping stone to global trading prosperity for if the one thing the UK is good at and that is Global Trading with the Worlds trading Nations and being one of the foremost charitable Nations in providing aid and assistance to other Nations in poverty and distress thus say I what a Nation gives freely to those Nations suffering from major disasters and to the poor down trodden war ridden Nations of the Earth I will return unto them tenfold in prosperity peace and health and welfare especially in as far as the children and the youth of that Nation that Nation shall I watch over and protect from all harm and alarm and whatsoever plague and drought and famine and pestilence and disasters befall others Nation they shall not come near unto those Nations which are under My protection and of which are surrounded about with My presence.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

From the prophet of the Lord

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