Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus said I unto thee in times past times that I would bring to the light all the hidden things of the darkness of this World of which I have done and shall do at this time and shall continue so to do until not one iota remains hidden from the sight of the of all of mankind and all is revealed of the wickedness immorality and corruption and the Break of My Holy Laws Commandments nothing I say of the evil of this world shall remain hidden. All the wickedness, immorality, iniquity, corruption, the abuse of children not only physically nor mentally but the failing of parent to meet their God given responsibility toward their children not only to look after but to love care for protect and discipline them until their responsibility ends when they reach adulthood for then they become responsible adults, responsible for all of their Words thoughts and deeds before Me all the days of their life until they come before Me to be Judged. Not saying that the sins of their youth I shall pass by for all must bear responsibility for all of their own sins crime and transgressions that they commit throughout their life on earth and must suffer the punishment due for committing those sins, crimes and transgressions and for the breaking of any of My Holy Laws and commandments for be assured that none shall escape Judgment and if found guilty all must pay the price for their sins crimes and transgression and the breaking of any or all of My Holy Laws and commandments. Thus I shall bring out into the light all of the abuse physically and mentally committed against men women and children in certain Government and private institutions throughout the Earth and all the neglecting of the homeless the widow the orphan the Elderly the sick and all that which the wealthy Nations seek to hide from public view that goes on behind the scenes spending billions on useless research projects that are of no practical benefit whilst their people suffer poverty homeless and destitution. Thus it is that I shall mainly bring out into the open and into the light the past and present practices of the various institutions that are set up to care for the young and the Old that instead of caring for them abuse them not only physically but mentally, but more so shall be brought out into the open and into the light the hidden wickedness evil abuse of all those who profess to be of Me but whose hearts are cesspits of all manner of iniquity great wickedness and perversion using their position to abuse children in secret whose hearts are as black as the deepest depth of the bottomless pit and whose hearts are as hard as the nether millstone and the stench of their corrupt, wicked, perverse, abusive and immoral souls reaches to the very heights of the Heaven of Heaven even My very throne thus provoking My wrath and anger to descend upon them thus say I to the whole of mankind that which hath thus far been brought out into the light of divine truth is still nought as to that which remains hidden especially the abuse of those children that are most precious in My sight that are suffering the world over not just hundreds not thousands but millions about an eighth of the Earths total population thus hath My cup of wrath and anger shall indeed descend upon these abuser of children and the young and all the those that wickedly abuse men women and children in any way whatsoever all of these wicked abusers of mankind upon the Earth that are hidden shall not remain so they shall all be brought out into the open and all of their sins and crimes shall be seen and revealed by all of mankind not onlt to their sham but there condemnation in not only facing the Justice of the courts of mankind but facing My wrath and anger that shall be out poured upon them for My cup of wrath and anger against these is filled to the brim and ready to be and shall be poured out upon them both in this life and when they come before Me for these there is only a certain looking unto being cast in to the bottomless pit forever for these there is no forgiveness no redemption I say again not one shall remain hidden all shall be brought out into the open for the cup of My vengeance hath been filled up to overflowing and shall be out poured upon them resulting in their being cast into the lake of fire that resides in sheol the bottomless pit/hell but not only against these shall My Wrath and anger descend but also against all of those who were aware of this plague ravaging the children and young of the Earth and did nought to bring it to the attention of the authorities so the guilty could be punished but kept it hidden from the sight of mankind which makes them as guilty as those who commit these atrocious acts of wickedness and shall but Me be equally punished. Thus that great and dreadful day of the Judging of the Nations hath come upon all the Nations of all of humanity that day of reckoning when all of mankind shall have to answer for all of their sins crimes and transgression both against others of mankind and also in the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments all of mankind shall Judged weighed in My Balances and if found guilty of breaking any and all of My holy Laws and Commandments condemned and shall thereby be punished according to My Holy Laws and Commandments as are set down in My Word.

This the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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