Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation who dwells on high in the heavens of Heavens who reigns over the whole of creation of which He commanded and it was so spoke and it came into being even all of the stars of the heavens the planets the galaxies and all the fabric of the material Universe. The Earth and the creatures that live and move and have their being on the surface thereof but last of all saith I unto thee the chief of My creation which was mankind created in Mine image to the glory of My Holy Name a reflection of My being to whom I gave dominion over the whole of My Creation and into whose hands the responsibility for care welfare and protection all the creatures of the earth and the seas and the skies and of all living thing on the face of the Earth the environment the grass the trees the flowers and plants to tend and care for them especially in My garden of Eden the responsibility of which to this day is mankind’s and if mankind should neglected their responsibility then mankind will have to answer for their failure to meet the responsibility I gave to all of mankind in the beginning the fall did not absolve mankind of their responsibility towards the whole of My creation I placed in their hands. Thus did mankind fall from their first estate bring upon themselves and through them upon all of their descendants the sentence of everlasting death and to be cast out of Eden and from My presence to suffer for their sins the full sentence of death casting out of Eden yet did I have mercy upon mankind by providing by promise of a way whereby mankind could regain their fist estate through a promised redeemer revealed in the promise I gave that the seed of the of the woman should bruise the serpents head and seed of the serpent should bruise his heel. Meaning that I would send a redeemer who would provide a way back to Me saith Holy One of Israel even He who was and is and ever shall be the eternal promised Passover Lamb that would become the supreme sacrifice on the altar of grace My unmerited loving kindness who would suffer the full punishment in the place of all of those who through Faith accepted Him as their Passover Lamb sacrifice for all of their sins crimes and transgressions and the breaking of My Holy Laws and commandments the punishment of which is the shedding of the blood of those found guilty of so doing. For without the shedding of blood there is no remission for sin thus the punishment for all sins transgressions and crimes in the breaking of My Holy Laws and commandments is death everlasting which was first executed upon Adam and Eve and then upon all of their descendants because they disobey the first commandment I gave unto them not eat the forbidden fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. Which they did break thus resulting in their spiritual death and after a thousand and a half years their physical death. Thus corruption enters the World as did time because before then time existed not only eternity. Thus there is only one way back unto Me saith the Holy One Israel the true and only living God and that way is the only true Messiah and none other. Thus I shall weight in the balance of My Just Judgment according to My Holy Word Law and Commandments all the Faiths of mankind and if I find them to be false faiths then they and their followers by Me shall be condemned and shall when they come before Me in Judgment be cast out and into the bottles pit forever.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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