Thus saith the Lord God f Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even the Holy One of Israel unto thee of the Nations as I have afore said and do vehemently repeat that in as far as the hidden things of darkness are concerned that I said that I shall bring out into the light even all the hidden things of the darkness of great wickedness immorality and the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and commandments that exists in all of the Nations of the Earth especial the abuse committed by the immorally wicked of mankind even against the children of the World that are most precious in My sight. Thus it is that the abuse of children in every way shape and form that is committed in all of this so called civilised society no matter the Nation is totally and utterly condemned by Me saith the Lord God of creation but more so do I condemn those who sexually abuse children whom shall be cast by Me saith the Holy One Of Israel cast into the deepest depths of the bottomless pit/hell. Though one point must be made and that is how can this present civilization the world over be called civilised if it treats its children, young and women in the way it does even as equally as it abuses the environment the seas and oceans and the creatures of the Earth? Even the majority of primitive civilizations of the past never treated their children and young in the same way this civilization does there were in the most of the past civilizations three respects respect for their children and young the elderly and all their environment and the creatures that lived therein except in extreme circumstances but in the main the application of those respects where strictly adhered to as can be seen in the recently discovered primitive tribes of the Amazonian Jungle. Only the most wicked of past empires and civilizations did commit such wickedness who were warned if they turned not from their great wickedness immorality and corruption that I would rain down upon them death and destruction causing them to fall even unto the dust of the ground who heeded not the warnings I gave them of which I did soon after cause their fall and destruction. To Me saith the Holy One of Israel the awareness of these and the past hidden things of darkness I have brought to light have galvanised various Nations into action in as far as the existence of this horrendous evil that has existed hidden from sight by the unwillingness of society to admit to its existence or lack of willingness to admit to its existence or the shame it produces and as thou doth say it hath caused it to be swept under the carpet and as thy say goes out of site out of mind. Thus in as far as the situation that now exists is concerned there is much talk much public speaking and a declaration of intent to deal with the immoral abuse of women children and the young with the utmost urgency bringing those who commit such crimes to justice is it as it hath been in the past all intentions and little or no action as one of thy saying goes the way to the place thou doth called hell is paved with good intention is this going to be the situation with all of those Nations and organization guilty of hiding those who committed these horrendous practices being full of good intentions yet ending up in the place I call sheol the bottomless pit and the lake of fire that dwells there in for be assured I shall not allow this to be dealt with as other similar crimes have been dealt with in the past for all the children and young of the Earth are most precious in My sight for of such is My Kingdom of the heaven of heavens for I will punish all of those who do commit such crimes against children and the young and women but those guilty after the fact of these crimes against children and the young I will indeed in this life and the next most severely punish but also I shall punish even those guilt after the fact who make declarations of intent bring to Justice those guilty of committing these crimes but do not put their declared intentions into practice. But on saying this on My Part I shall continue to bring to the light the hidden things of darkness for that which hath been thus far revealed is but the tip of a mountainous iceberg that would put the highest mountain on Earth to shame. But unto those who commit such crimes their place hath already been preserved in the deepest depth of the bottomless pit even the eternal lake of fire wherein the flames of punishment and torment go not out for these who commit such crimes there is no redemption no forgiveness for their crimes no matter how they do plead for it the heavens to them will be as brass and My ears shall be stopped up as their ears were to the please and cries not only of voice but of the heart of their victims. But in this life from now on these that I see committing those crime shall feel the full force of My vengeance descending upon them and no matter where they seek to hide on Earth there is no place hidden from My sight not only of the Earth but of the hearts and minds of all of mankind I see all and from Me nothing is hidden from My sight and there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed in the Judgment of all of Mankind. Thus it shall be not only the person that commits these crimes I shall punish as but the village town or cities because of the shame it brings seek to hide it from public view causing these immoral criminals to escape Justice thus it shall be now those who seek to cover up these crimes and those who commit them shall have to answer to Me saith the Lord God of the Host of heaven now as it shall be with the village town or city that seek to cover up such crimes so shall it be with the Nations also for upon all of these shall descend My Full wrath and anger even to the extent of the whole Nation being punished that doth hide and not deal with these wicked immoral crimes and criminals in bringing them to justice once brought in to the light of day.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

From the prophet of the Lord

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