Thus saith the lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel unto thee as concerning the UK leaving the EU that the EU is far more afraid of a no deal Brexit than the UK is for many reasons the major being the membership fees that the UK pays to the EU the imports that Britain gets from the EU which is far more than the UK exports to the EU, UK Tourism which shall decrease if border and passport controls and other charges are put in place especially to Spain and the Mediterranean the tariffs generated by the UK trading with other Nations outside of the EU the loss to the EU’s Job market of which many were employed by British firms because it cuts their wages bill. The EU never ever thought if Britain did vote to leave the EU it would get to the stage it’s reached. The EU has backed itself in a corner from which there is no escape except if the UK stays in the EU and never actually leaves the EU. The EU has and will use any and all means at its disposal to keep the UK in the EU without crossing the red Lines it set at the beginning of the negotiations and that means using scaremongering tactics from politicians the Business and Finance sectors UK remainers encouraging them to protest against Brexit encouraging sympathetic British Politicians and members of the Business sector who are in favour of the UK staying in the EU to champion a remain campaign to encourage the British electorate to overturn the Brexit vote that was in favour of the UK leaving the EU and getting full control of the country its laws its government its legal and Justice system and its destiny being free to trade with whom it wanted to and to negotiate deals with other Nations without the EU government forever Looking over the UK governments shoulder seek ever telling it what it could and could not do. What the EU is real afraid of is if the UK leaves the EU and becomes a self-sufficient prosperous sovereign Nation it once was others who are dissatisfied with the EU and the dictatorial way it oversees the member Nations governments and the running thereof some might follow the UK and leave. But is not only that, that the EU concerned about is after the UK has left the EU will suffer from a financial black hole from which it will never recover leading to the breaking up of the EU. The UK’s survival therefore is not dependent on the UK staying in the EU it is the other way round as the past before the EU existed proves the British Empire was not built by a weak dependent people but by a strong determined Nation though in the end its over confidence in its own might lead to it down fall as will another Nation that is now falling even unto destruction and as said is like unto a bull being lead to the slaughter what should be asked who is holding the rope leading the bull to the slaughter house.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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